It's safe to say that none of us were alive during the last worldwide pandemic of the flu (in 1918– though if you are alive and still hustling, then hats off to you!). As such, it's difficult (if not impossible) to know how to navigate it. After all, being a provider isn't a job that can be done 100% remotely, and often relies upon close contact and touch in order to provide companionship.

We've already discussed the financial ways in which sex work, in particular, is at risk when global markets take a dip – but we've weathered recessions before. We've even weathered the threat of a mass-scale disease that targeted particular communities (including our own).

In  "Coronavirus Could Be Uniquely Devastating for Sex Workers", Kate D'Adamo writes:

"Sex workers have also historically been targeted as “vectors of  disease” for a variety of different concerns, and been blamed for  everything from the spread of HIV/AIDS, to syphilis, and other sexually  transmitted infections. This connection to public health has been used  as an excuse to criminalize, stigmatize, register, forcibly test and at  times quarantine people who trade sex, and is now largely debunked as the purview of SWERF feminists and anti-prostitution activists – not rooted in fact."

Still, we've got to keep making a living. And despite public terror over an impending recession and public health, sex work isn't going anywhere– we just have to balance our need for safety with our need to make rent. Here are some tips for how to manage your own well-being during the time of COVID-19.

Get It – Your Digital Presence – Up And Running

Industries all over the world have had to throw up quick, efficient, and organized digital platforms over the last few weeks in order to take whatever business that can online. This has primarily been done through video conferencing. And it isn't only our businesses, schools, and gyms taking everything online– our social interactions (weddings, memorials, birthdays, movie nights, etc) are now primarily held through Zoom.

Sex work, while largely known as a contact sport, luckily can be done through video interaction, at least for the time being. While it isn't the same tenor of work, it's a good way to stay connected with regulars and let them know you care during this bizarre time (when folks arguably need connection more than ever).

Luckily, Slixa is among the companies seeking to help providers continue to earn income while Shelter in Place is in effect. We've launched a new way for you to stay in touch with your clients– in addition, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to succeed in getting online as quickly as you need– and suggestions for monetizing your time.

Enter: Slixa's New Distance Dating Feature

"If you are someone who has made the temporary (or longer term)  transition into online work, and you have a Slixa profile, we’re excited  to announce a new way to promote your virtual offerings. Even during  the COVID19 pandemic, Slixa is maintaining record traffic – viewers still want what our advertisers have to offer! Don’t let  those profile views go to waste. Our new Distance Dating filter is a  free profile upgrade available to anyone with a Basic ad or higher, that  displays your Slixa profile in every Slixa city – not just your home  city: online means worldwide! Quickly rack up extra views,  capture new attention, and easily convert potential clients into  long-distance paramours."

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Here's a handful of past entries from the Slixa Blog that may help you lean into online work with a bit of ease:

Know When to Say "Nope"

Ain't no shame in your game...lessness. This pandemic is anxiety-inducing, and you're likely feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Sex work is almost always an emotionally-invested job, so drawing redlines and boundaries is something you're likely already well-equipped to do.

If you're suffering from the roller coaster of this time, feeling tired, or just straight-up uncomfortable, don't force yourself into something. Take care of yourself, rest up, drink lots of fluids, practice social distancing, and get those z's. Come back to it when you're ready to.

From D'Adamo again:

"...Sparks reminds all of us that in the end, the two most resilient things  are always going to be sex workers and the desire for sex, especially  in times of crisis.

“As things get stressed out, we can be a lot of peoples’ outlets.”

If you've decided to make the decision to lay low for awhile, here are a few tips for taking your account offline:

It's important to note that clicking Hide My Profile means visitors will not be able to find or contact you via Slixa until you log in and click Restore My Profile.  But you'll still be able to log in, make changes, add or remove photos, and – when you're ready to resume – pick up right where you left off.  And just like always, you won't lose any credits for days your ads aren't live.

You can find out more about Hide My Profile in the Slixa Entertainer FAQ.

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It's All About You

Remember, your work is all about what you're comfortable with and how you hustle. These are just some tips for treading through what is, for all of us, an unprecedented time. While there are many recommendations for assessing your own level of risk, the choice is ultimately yours.

Stay safe out there. We're here if you need us.

Remember: you can track all of our announcements and changes related to the COVID19 pandemic on the COVID19 tag.