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Baton Rouge, known as “The Capital”, is the second largest city in Louisiana and coincidentally the state capital. Baton Rouge is home to LSU, the largest college in Louisiana. Other then New Orleans, Baton Rouge is the only city with true nightlife in the state of Louisiana. The city is even more lively when classes are in session at LSU with thousands of 20-somethings looking to party and visit one of the many bars in the Baton Rouge Area.

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If you are looking for some company in Baton Rouge for a night out, consider hiring a Baton Rouge escort. An escort in Baton Rouge will accompany you to your desired location and cater to your needs so that your night out is as enjoyable as possible.

Baton Rouge is an authentic southern city with a blend of things to do at night. Between fine dining, amazing music, and a variety of bars, Baton Rouge is a night to spend with someone. If you need some company a Baton Rouge escort is the perfect way to ensure you can explore Baton Rouge with good company for a fun, exciting evening in downtown Baton Rouge.

Nightlife in Baton Rouge

Olive or Twist – Olive or Twist is located just south of downtown Baton Rouge and features one of the largest selections of premium liquor brands from all over the world. The ambience is upscale and the background music sets a quieter, intimate tone throughout the entire bar.

The bar itself is one of Baton Rouge’s finest simply due to the incredibly quality of cocktails. The experienced and well-trained bartenders at Olive or Twist can mix several house cocktails as well as other popular traditional cocktails. Happy hour at Olive or Twist is among the best in Baton Rouge, when cocktails generally are priced around $7-10 compared to a normal price of $15-$20.

Olive or Twist is one of the best spots in Baton Rouge to spend a romantic, intimate night with a partner or small group of friends. It is by far one of Baton Rouge’s more upscale bars but the atmosphere and perfect drink quality set the tone for a perfect, intimate night out with a special person or a small group of friends.

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – If you are in the mood for an awesome meal in an upscale bar, consider Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar. Fleming’s features some of Baton Rogue’s most elegant, upscale dining. Fleming’s steak is considered to be the best in all of Baton Rouge and each steak is hand-cut to ensure you eat the finest steak at Fleming’s.

While enjoying the best food in all of Baton Rouge, you’ll want to pair your meal with one of the 100 award winning wines available at Fleming’s. Fleming’s easily has the best wine in Baton Rouge and its diverse selection make it the go to spot in Baton Rouge to enjoy a fine wine.

Once you finish your meal, you can enjoy one of the several house cocktails at Fleming’s. If a fine cocktail is not what you desire, consider ordering one of the several fine craft beers at Fleming’s. Fleming’s features some of the most rare beers in Baton Rouge, all of which have their own exotic flavor.

Fleming’s is a great alternative to Olive and Twist, with its primary focus on fine dining. It is one of the most luxurious places to dine and enjoy a fine beverage in Baton Rouge.

Port Royal – Port Royal is a small dive bar located just south of Baton Rouge. Inside the bar, you’ll notice the bar to have typical décor for a dive bar including a pool table, dimly lit lights, and a large selection of beers and whiskeys. The bathroom highlight the entire bar with its “unique” wall art, which many locals say highlights the entire divey feel of Port Royal.

Port Royal is one of the best dive bars in all of Baton Rouge. Port Royal has affordable drinks, knowledgeable bartenders, and an excellent selection of different whiskeys and premium liquor brands. It’s by far one of Port Royal’s best dive bars and is the perfect spot to go out if you like a bar with a grungy look and atmosphere.

The Bulldog – The Bulldog is an Irish bar in downtown Baton Rouge that truly encompasses the look and feel of an Irish Bar. With 81 beers on tap from around the world, The Bulldog has by far the most beers in all of Baton Rouge. You can find both domestic and imported beers at the Bulldog. In fact, you can find just about any type of beer — craft beers, lite beers, pale ales, stouts, wheat bears, dark ales, lager, Belgian ales, etc.

In the back of The Bulldog is a back patio section, which is perfect given Baton Rouge’s warm climate. The inside bar features traditional Irish décor, which sets the mood perfectly for beer drinks. However, there are still several Irish whiskeys as well as other rare whiskeys.

The Bulldog is by far the best bar in all of Baton Rouge for beers. It has a definitive Irish feel and its unique atmosphere will leave you with a pleasant, enjoyable experience each time.

Spanish Moon – Spanish Moon is one of Baton Rouge’s best spots to listen to live music. Spanish Moon features several live bands throughout the week as well as a DJ on weekends for more of a dance club type vibe. Drinks are among the cheapest in all of Baton Rouge with weekly specials that the college demographic enjoy.

If listening to some of Baton Rouge’s best music and DJs is your goal, then Spanish Moon is the perfect spot to go. The club it open and features the best lightning and sound system in Baton Rouge. Drink prices are very affordable and the staff are incredible friendly, which sets the tone for a great, fun night out listening to incredible music.