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Next to only Birmingham, Montgomery is a fast-growing economic hub of Alabama and the entire Southeast. Located right in the heart of Alabama’s Black Belt, Montgomery is one of the largest processing hubs for crops in the southeast, which has benefitted the local economy greatly. This economic wealth has attracted new industries and lead to the expansion of Montgomery’s nightlife, which is now among the best in Alabama.

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There are several escorts in Montgomery that can travel with you to one of the several bars, restaurants, or lounges in Montgomery. You and your escort can enjoy a nice evening dining, drinking, dancing, or whatever else you want to do.

Hiring a Montgomery escort is a great way to explore what Montgomery has to offer with someone new and exciting. No matter what you end up doing or where you end up going, if you spend an evening with a Montgomery escort, you can know you’re in for a great night with good company.

Nightlife in Montgomery

Leroy – Leroy is a small, trendy bar located in in the Old Cloverdale area, one of the best parts of Montgomery. Inside Leroy, you’ll find a large draft beer list including several craft beers from the local area. The décor is quaint and there is bar is very small, so be prepared for a cramped night. However, when the weather permits, an outdoor patio section is opened and there is some seating if you’re in the mood to get some fresh air.

In addition to about 20 or so draft beers, Leroy also features about a dozen house cocktails. The price for these cocktails averages around $8 but during happy hour you can save a few bucks and get your drinks for slightly cheaper. Food is also served at Leroy, although you’ll find it’s your typical bar food. However, the food is among the best bar food in all of Montgomery.

Leroy advertisers itself as your local dive bar and pulls it off masterfully. Leroy is great for craft beer lovers and its dim lighting and older décor make it the perfect night for a quieter, laid-back evening with a small group of friends or a special someone. It is by far one of Montgomery’s best bars.

The Alley Bar – The Alley Bar is one of the biggest and most popular bars in Montgomery. Rather than cater to one specific demographic, The Alley Bar caters to a broad demographic that attracts a diverse crowd. On any given night you’ll see college kids, recent college grads, 30, 40, 50 year olds. Just about everybody likes The Alley Bar, which is why it is hands-down the busiest bar in Montgomery on weekends.

Unlike several other bars in Montgomery, The Alley Bar has a room and stage setup for live music, which features some of Montgomery’s best bands. There are some plastic chairs if you want to sit but otherwise you’ll have to stand. If music is not your thing, there are several other rooms with swanky couches and lounging areas to enjoy some beverages with some friends or a special someone.

Another feature is the random ice bar in a smaller room in the Alley Bar. In this room, you can drink shots of an ice shot glass. To combat the constant 40-degree temperature, the bar offers fur coats to stay warm right in the bar.

Essentially, The Alley Bar has a little something for everything. If you like beer there are plenty of craft beers as well as your normal beers. The bar is fully stocked so if a cocktail is your weapon of choice, you can get a cocktail as well.

Pine Bar – Every town has to have a beer bar and in Montgomery it's the Pine Bar. Located just out of downtown Montgomery, Pine Bar is perfect for craft beer lovers with a very large selection of beers.

The bar itself is very small and normally there is only one bartender, which can cause the bar to back up a bit. The crowd is generally a little older compared to the other bars in Montgomery. The crowd is a lot more relaxed than the other bars in Montgomery as well. You wont find the college kids excessively drinking at the Pine Bar like you would at the Alley Bar or Leroy.

If you enjoy drinking beers in a relaxed environment, then Pine Bar is perfect. It’s small, quiet, and features the largest selection of beer in town, which makes it perfect for going with a small group of friends looking to go out for a few hours.

Rock Bottom American Pub – The Rock Bottom American Pub is located just outside of Montgomery and is one of the true American Pubs. Rock Bottom is pretty much a standard American pub from the food to the décor. TVs line the bar around every corner and two massive TVs show UFC, NFL, and other sporting events.

The food here is pretty standard bar food like fries, wings, fried pickles, etc. The food prices along with the drink prices are average for Montgomery although happy hour is one of the better happy hours in Montgomery.

Several local bands play at Rock Bottom on a weekly basis and attract a decent crowd. You will find that sometimes there is a $10 cover charge to get in and listen to the band although this is not always the case.

Overall, Rock Bottom is pretty much your standard American sports bar. The beer is cheap, the food is fried, and the bar is littered with TVs. If you’re into sports and want to enjoy some food, Rock Bottom is an okay spot to go.