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Despite its slightly negative reputation, downtown Detroit has undergone a complete transformation in the past few years. Once the sun sets, Detroit’s nightlife kicks into full gear with packed crowds in the dozens of bars, restaurants, clubs, and lounges. Detroit has the most active nightlife in Michigan and its nightlife caters to almost everybody, no matter what they’re in the mood to do.

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Detroit continues to prosper and reinvent itself as something other than a town that relies on the car industry. It’s growing nightlife scene is evidence of that and its’ nightlife is easily the best in Michigan.

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Nightlife in Detroit

Mercury Burger Bar – Every town has the go to spot for a meaty burger and in Detroit, it’s the Mercury Burger Bar. Mercury Burger Bar is just a few blocks away from center city Detroit, which makes it the ideal location to eat a juicy burger to start the night out.

Inside the bar, you’ll notice that the Mercury Burger Bar has a very modern design with shades of gray and black all around the bar. The bar has a great selection of local and tradition beers on draft and the far features several premium brands of liquor. House cocktails are served to perfection around the year and the experienced and friendly bar staff frequently adds new house cocktails.

The main attraction is obviously the burgers and Mercury Burger Bar has a selection of the best specialty burgers in all of Detroit. You’ll find a variety of burgers that can match any personal taste including the ever-popular “The Local.” The burgers here are cooked to perfection by one of the well-trained chefs and you’ll find that the burgers at the Mercury Burger Bar are simply the best burgers in all of Detroit.

The Mercury Burger Bar is a great spot to start a night out for dinner or to spend a night enjoying some beers with the guys or a group of friends. The atmosphere is laid-back and on warm nights, an outside patio is opened so customers can enjoy their food and beverages outside. If you’re a burger lover, you simply must go to Mercury Burger Bar. You’ll become addicted fast.

Green Dot Stables – Green Dot Stables is a gastropub located right in the middle of Downtown Detroit. Green Dot Stables is open for both lunch and dinner and has a casual, relaxed design which fits its’ younger, laid-back crowd. Inside you’ll find art from local Detroit artists, a few foosball tables and other modern décor that adds to the casual, carefree atmosphere.

As a gastropub, Green Dot Stables serves unique and exotic food and beer. Ever single day there is “mystery meat” on the menu that features meats from all around the world. This doesn’t imply the meat is low quality by any means — it is actually the finest quality meat you can buy. Instead, the meat changes day by day and is cooked in a variety of ways for a flavorful, exotic meal.

Several local craft and microbrews are featured on the menu as well as the very popular $3 bottled beer list. In addition to the large beer selection Green Dot Stables has an excellent selection of house cocktails in its fully stocked bar. If you are unsure what to get, one of the experienced staff will be able to help you pair the perfect beer or cocktail with your meal for the most flavorful, satisfying experience.

Like the Mercury Burger Bar, the Green Dot Stables is a great place to enjoy a quality meal and excellent meal in a carefree, laid back environment. The Green Dot Stables serves awesome food, has great drinks and has the perfect atmosphere for a place to visit early in the night or if you’re hungry before heading to a true pub or nightclub.

The Sugar House – While Detroit might have a lot of nightclubs and high-energy venues, not everybody is looking to dance and party. For people looking for a quitter, more romantic night out consider going to The Sugar House. Located in the heart of Detroit, The Sugar House is easily the best lounge for an intimate night in a classy establishment.

As soon as you walk in The Sugar House you’ll notice one thing — it’s dark. With the exception of some chandeliers, a few small candles, and the ceiling light here and there, there is not much lighting in The Sugar House. However, if you plan on going to The Sugar House that is a good thing because it sets the perfect intimate setting most people desire.

The drink menu at The Sugar House is massive with about 100 house cocktails, 100 traditional cocktails, and 100 straight liquors. Prices are a bit more expensive than other bars and lounges in Detroit but the quality of the cocktail is much better. An outside patio is also open during the warm summer months if you’re in the mood for some fresh air while spending the evening with a date or small group of friends.

The Sugar House is the perfect location for a classier, more intimate experience. You’ll generally find that most patrons are either small groups of friends or a couple on a date. It’s not the type of bar to party and go wild at by any stretch of the imagination. However, it has its place and is one of the most popular lounges to visit on a date and is worth visiting.