These are some exceptionally trying times. We understand you have concerns regarding COVID19 and the ways it could (or already may) be impacting your personal health and your business. Your wellbeing is important to us, and we are committed to being responsive to your needs as the global situation evolves.

These are the steps we have already taken:

  • We have committed to zero increases in prices for at least the next six months (through September 17, 2020)
  • Some  Ad packages will be granted 15-20% additional bonus credits. Any ad package of $100 or more will automatically be granted an additional 15-20% in additional bonus credits.
  • For any Visiting Ad that has already been scheduled to run over the next 90 days, Slixa will cover the upgrade fee. Email us upon completion of the Visiting Ad and we will deposit credits to make up for the cost of the upgrade. If you’ve canceled a Visiting Ad, the upgrade fee has already been waived

  • Advertisers can now purchase credits for industry friends using BTC or certain retail gift cards. Contact for complete instructions

Slixa will continue to communicate regularly regarding the business impacts you’re facing and the ways we are available to help. This is on our minds every day as we look for  additional ways to provide relief and assistance to those who need it. More announcements will be made in the coming days and weeks.

How you can help: we strongly encourage you to  share this post with your friends, tweet it, add a link to your website, add the link to your own blog – anywhere to help others who may need some extra assistance during this difficult period. Let’s band together and spread the word to help each other.

On a personal note, we have taken drastic internal measures to ensure the lights stay on at and we are committed to seeing this all the way through as a company and as a community.

Although we plan to stay as responsive as ever to your service needs and questions, please understand that due to reduced staffing, and increased call volume, response time may be a little slower than normal.

Please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts and feedback regarding ways we can help!

You can reach us at +1. 855.467.5492 or at


The Slixa Team

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