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As Colorado’s only true city, Denver easily has the best nightlife scene in the entire city. Known as the “Mile High City”, Denver is home to the state’s best restaurants, bars, and clubs. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find any nightlife that can even come close to that of Denver’s in the state of Colorado. Plus, Denver’s ideal spring/summer climate makes it the perfect vacation spot outside of the traditional tourist spots in America.

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If you are planning to spend a night out in Denver, you’ll want to do it with someone else. Denver has exceptional restaurants and high-class lounges as well as your more traditional bars. If for some reason you cannot find company to spend an evening with you, you should consider hiring one Denver’s fine escorts.

Hiring a Denver escort will ensure you spend the evening with a beautiful companion to accompany you to one or several of Denver’s fine establishments. Your escort will cater to your needs and do anything she can to make sure your night out is as fun and exciting as it can possibly be.

Denver is an exciting, vibrant city full of life and things to do. Hiring a Denver escort is just another way to spend an evening out with good company who wants you to enjoy your night out.

Nightlife in Denver

Beta Nightclub – Beta Nightclub is arguably Denver’s hottest nightclub. Beta Nightclub is situated in Lodo, just northwest of downtown Denver. Inside the club you’ll notice it is two floors with the largest dance floor on the first floor. On the main floor you’ll notice the main bar to the left side and on the right side are red couches set up for bottle service.

The upper floor has a small bar along with the beatport room. A balcony overlooks the main dance floor and the upper floor has arguably the best lighting in the entire club. Here you’ll find some couches for lounging and they can be reserved for bottle service as well.

Bottle service is expensive which is what you would expect at any club. However, despite Beta’s popularity, bottle service is actually slightly cheaper than other clubs in Denver. Plus, the excellent service staff will ensure your treated like a true VIP and will make sure your night is as enjoyable as possible.

The crowd is primarily younger 20-somethings, which makes it the perfect crowd for college age students. The best DJs play a variety of house, EDM, and other hits all night long and the sound system at Beta Nightclub is easily the best.

Overall, the atmosphere at Beta Nightclub is electric and it is by far the best nightclub in Denver. Drinks are fairly affordable compared to other clubs and the club attracts Denver’s best DJs. If you’re the type of person who loves the club environment, you’d do yourself a disservice by going to any other club other than Beta Nightclub.

The Cruise Room – The Cruise Room is an upscale lounge in Northwest Denver that features art deco décor and some of Denver’s finest house cocktails. The Cruise Room is located in the fancy and historic Oxford Hotel, which attracts the classiest visitors and locals in Denver.

Inside The Cruise Room you’ll find red colored walls with dimly lit lights just above the couches that illuminate the walls. The design creates an intimate, classy ambience that sets the perfect mood for a couple enjoying a romantic, quiet night out in Denver.

The bar itself features exquisite cocktails that are perfectly mixed by the professional bartenders at The Cruise Room. The martinis are rated among the best in all of Denver, which attracts an older, classier crowd looking to enjoy a night out in Denver.

Food is also available and can be ordered from the restaurant next door called McCormick’s. McCormick’s serves some of the best seafood in Denver and you’ll quickly find that the food quality is just as amazing as the drink quality.

There is no live band or DJ playing in The Cruise Room although there is a jukebox. The selection of music supplements the intimate mood and quiet atmosphere that The Cruise Room possesses.

The Cruise Room is the perfect place for a romantic, intimate evening with a companion. The cocktails are pricey but you’ll struggle to find a more romantic, classy lounge in Denver. Plus, the martinis are among the best in all of Denver. The Cruise Room is well worth the visit.

Vine Street Pub & Brewery – Located in Northeast Denver, the Vine Street Pub & Brewery is one of Denver’s best breweries and local traditional pubs. Obviously beer is the main focal point of the bar, but there is a full bar as well. However, if you go to the Vine Street Pub, you’re going to want to drink one of the several local draft beers available for much cheaper than other pubs.

The Vine Street Pub prides itself on using all-natural, organic ingredients and their food menu rangers from salads to burgers to burritos to crab cakes. However, all the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, which is why the Vine Street Pub has better food than most other pubs in Denver.

Live music can be heard almost any day of the week and some of Denver’s best bands play at the Vine Street Pub. During the warm spring and summer months, several outdoor tables are setup to enjoy soaking up some rays as you enjoy a savory, local craft beer.

The Vine Street Pub & Brewery has everything you’d want from a local taproom and brewery. The food is delicious and the very best beers from Denver are on tap throughout the year. The crowd is very casual and laid-back which makes The Vine Street Pub & Brewery a great spot to enjoy a few beers with a small or large group of friends as you listen to some live music.