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Effective Date: Aug 14th, 2012

Date Modified: March 26, 2020

1. Introduction.

These Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) are intended to protect you, the User, as well as Slixa. Please read them carefully and be sure you understand them BEFORE using www.slixa.com or any other Slixa website (the “Website(s)”). Please retain a copy of this Agreement for your personal records. If you are unable to view the Terms and Conditions or if you do not understand them, please contact us BEFORE accessing the Website.

2. Acceptance.

You must agree to all of the terms of this Agreement as a condition for using the Website. You may accept and agree to these terms by doing either of the following:

2.1 Clicking any link, button, or other icon presenting an option (such as a radio button) on the Website; or

2.2 Accessing or using the Website in any manner.

3. Age Restrictions.

As a condition of using the Website(s), you affirm that you are over the age of majority (e.g., over 18 years or 21 years) in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Slixa requires advertisers must be at least 20 years of age to advertise on Slixa and that all accounts are subject to age verification. Slixa disclaims any and all responsibility resulting from any misrepresentations concerning the User’s age.

4. Slixa’s Control of the Website(s):

The Website(s) contain advertisements and communications (the “Content”) that are created and posted by independent third parties (the “Advertisers”). As a result, Slixa is not responsible for, nor will it facilitate communication with, act as an intermediary, or be involved with in any way, any communications or disputes arising between the User and an Advertiser.

5. Revisions to this Agreement:

Slixa may revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time. You understand Slixa’s unilateral right to do so and acknowledge that any changes will be effective immediately upon posting. You agree to periodically check this page for any changes or updates.

5.1 You may assume that if the “Date Modified” at the top of this page has changed from the last time you reviewed these Terms and Conditions, there has been a change and you agree to review the Agreement in its entirety and specifically agree to be bound by the new Terms and Conditions contained therein.

6. Prevention of the Exploitation of Minors.

Slixa maintains a zero-tolerance policy for child exploitation in any way, shape, or form. The following shall apply to all Users at all times:

6.1 All content on the Website is intended for ADULTS ONLY. Slixa goes to great measures to ensure that any and all Content featured on the Website does not feature, or appear to feature, any underage persons. If you are seeking such material, you will not find it on this site. Slixa does not tolerate Advertisers who feature this material, and it does not tolerate Users who desire such material.

6.2 As a condition of using the Website, you, the User, acknowledge and agree that you will report any images (real or simulated) that actually or appear to suggest exploitation of minors on the Website. You agree to report suspect images with appropriate supporting evidence to legal@slixa.com.

6.3 Slixa fully cooperates with any law-enforcement agencies investigating allegations of child exploitation.

6.4 Prevention of Access by Minors. The Website is an adults-only site and you agree that you will take all reasonable measures to prevent access to this site by a person under the age of majority in your jurisdiction. This includes using all parental controls, password safeguards, filtering software, or other technological stopgaps that may prevent intentional or accidental access by a minor. These prevention measures are YOUR responsibility, and Slixa shall not be responsible for a minor’s access to the website from your computer.

7. User’s Rights and Obligations

7.1 Use of the Website(s). Your use of this site is for personal, non-commercial purposes only, and all other uses are strictly prohibited.

7.2 The Website does not encourage or condone illegal activity. All Content featured on the Website is intended for viewing and/or use by consenting adults in a jurisdiction where such Content does not violate any provision of Federal or Local laws. Nothing in this site, nor your use thereof, may be considered to be condoning or encouraging illegal activity. You acknowledge that your use of the Website is for entertainment purposes only and that you alone are responsible for consulting all applicable laws in your jurisdiction as a condition of using the Website.

7.3 Without prior written permission, you may not duplicate, display, or distribute any Content for any purpose (even if such duplication may be considered “fair use”). You may not use any of Slixa’s intellectual property for any reason, including meta-tags and deep links.

7.4 Any comments, ratings, or reviews of the Website(s) or Advertiser may not be harassing, offensive, or defamatory.

7.5 You understand that (other than technical support and other passive activities) Slixa does not control, manage, create, or monitor Content on the Website, and therefore is not responsible for said Content. Therefore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Slixa for any Content on the Website(s) or communications from an Advertiser on the Website(s). Slixa does not guarantee, and it is not liable for, the accuracy of any communication, information, or message you receive from an Advertiser or other User on the Website. Slixa will review complaints alleging that the terms and conditions of the Website have been violated, but will not, under any circumstances, resolve, or provide assistance in resolving, a dispute between you and any other User or an Advertiser.

8. Intellectual Property Information.

8.1. You may not register, use, or traffic in any domain name that is confusingly similar to SLIXA or any other registered or common law trademarks that are owned by Slixa.

8.2. On occasion, Content may feature other companies’ product and service names that may be trademarks and service marks. These names may not be used publicly without the express written consent of the owners and/or holders of those marks.

9. Disclaimer of Warranty.

You acknowledge and understand that use of the Website(s) and the Content therein is at your own risk. Your use of the Website(s) is at your own discretion making you, and only you, responsible for any loss of data or damage that may arise from your use of the Website(s).

9.1 Slixa makes no representation, warranties, or guarantees that the Website(s) or the materials contained within or on it will be uninterrupted, secure, free of harmful source code, or error-free, nor does it represent that the materials contained within or on the Website(s) are truthful, accurate, or complete.

10. Indemnification.

You may not use the Website(s) in any manner or for any purpose that is contrary to Federal Law or the Local laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside. If Slixa determines that any User of the site has provided, or intends to engage in illegal activity, their use of the site will be immediately terminated. Slixa denies, and you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Slixa its officers, employees, agents, and assigns harmless for any liability that may arise for your violation of any law.

10.1 You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless without limitation Slixa, its officers, employees, agents, and assigns from and against any and all causes of action, liabilities, or damages that result directly or indirectly from your Use of the site, including, where applicable, any involvement, meetings, contracts you enter into with any other User or an Advertiser on the Website.

10.2. You also agree to defend and indemnify Slixa should any third party be harmed by Your actions or should Slixa be obligated to defend any claims including, without limitation, any criminal or civil action brought by any party.

11. General Provisions.

11.1 You, the User, agree and understand that this Agreement is the entire agreement between you and Slixa unless and until it is revised according to the provisions of Sec.5 above.

11.2 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the United Kingdom.

11.3 If any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall be construed as though the unenforceable provision had not been included and any such unenforceable provision shall have no effect on the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions.

11.4 The parties agree to engage in a good faith effort to resolve any and all disputes pertaining to this Agreement before resorting to litigation. Any dispute or claim that cannot be resolved by such good faith efforts shall be resolved by binding arbitration before a certified Arbiter in London, England. You, the User, hereby acknowledge and consent to jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and agree that the venue for all dispute resolution shall be within the City of London, England.


The controller in respect of your personal data is Securetrading Financial Services Ltd, a Financial Institution licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority Reg. No. C 56013 and of Ewropa Business Centre, Level 2, Triq Dun Karm, Birkirkara, BKR 9034, Malta." See their GDPR statement on their Privacy page at http://www.acquiring.com.

Saved Payment Information and Auto Reload

Slixa may offer you the ability to save your payment information in order to make the checkout process easier, and to optionally take advantage of "Auto Reload" when your account is running low on credits. Should you decide to use these features, your payment information will be securely stored on our payment provider’s servers - Slixa never stores your credit card numbers on our servers. In all cases, you are in control of your payment information, and can enable, disable, and manage your saved cards and Auto Reload settings on your Payment Settings page in your Account section.

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