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While Texas might be known for cowboys, ranching, and country music, the state boasts one of the United States’ largest cities, Dallas. Dallas has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade and possesses the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. This has caused an abundance of wealth to accumulate in the Dallas area and has led to the development of brand new luxurious clubs, restaurants and bars, trying to cater to the newfound wealthy individuals in Dallas.

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While Dallas has a smaller club scene, it does feature a large restaurant and high class lounge scene. In the event you want to go out for a night but don’t have a date to go with, you could consider taking an escort in Dallas with you.

There are several high class escort companies in Dallas that can accommodate you regardless of your desired companion for your evening out in Dallas. An Dallas escort will share an evening with you wherever you desire to go. It doesn’t matter whether you want to party and dance at one of Dallas’ exciting new clubs or whether you just want to spend a quiet evening at a fine resort. A Dallas escort can accompany you and share a fun, intimate evening. Dallas may not be Las Vegas or Miami but there are still plenty of things to do. Hiring a Dallas escort is one way to enjoy many of the wonderful places Dallas has to offer in a fun, exciting new way.

Nightlife in Dallas

Le Vü – Le Vü is one of the older clubs in Dallas and is coincidentally one of its most popular. Compared to Vegas or NYC, drink prices and cover are incredibly cheap. Several local and regional DJs play on a nightly basis and occasionally a more well known DJ will play, although it is not a weekly occurrence. Regardless, many locals claim Le Vü has the best local DJs that smoothly flow through tracks all night.

The overall vibe of Le Vü is incredibly upbeat and high energy. Chances are you’ll find Le Vü packed within a few hours of being open and a few hundred partygoers dancing to some of the best music Dallas has to offer. The crowd is very diverse and you’ll find young and older men and women along with a diverse mix of ethnicities as well.

Bottle service is available and is fairly affordable compared to other cities. However, there are not nearly as many tables as other clubs so you’ll want to reserve a table well ahead of time. However, if you do manage to get a table you’ll find yourself near the DJ and dance floor for optimal enjoyment throughout the night.

Mantus Ultralounge – Mantus Ultralounge is another popular club in downtown Dallas that is truly designed for VIPs. Mantus has several ultra private tables for bottle services throughout the entire club. Smaller VIP tables are available for guests looking to enjoy an intimiate private night at one of Dallas’ fine clubs.

The décor inside Mantus is very modern and bright blue and purple neon lighting delivers a warm, comfortable feeling. The bar is stocked with ultra premium brands of liquor and the club is almost always packed Thursday through Sunday. However, drink prices are fairly expensive at Mantus, so buying bottle service is recommended for larger groups to save money and for a more enjoyable evening.

Compared to other clubs, Mantus is perfect for the younger crowd and for a couple or group of friends looking to dance. The DJs playing at Mantus are among the best in Dallas and you can find some of the top EDM, techno, or house music on any given night. Mantus Nightclub is definitely one of the better clubs in Dallas and is worth considering when planning a night out in Dallas.

Teddy’s Room – Teddy’s Room is one of the most unique clubs in all of Dallas. Located in Midtown, Teddy’s Room displays a unique appearance based upon the 26th president of the United States — Teddy Roosevelt.

As soon as you walk into Teddy’s Room you notice the odd decorations including various animal heads and pictures of Teddy Roosevelt. The tables and lounging area gives a very “high class” feel with dark leather couches with patterns that you’d think to find in a wealthy, high class citizens’ home.

The crowd at Teddy’s Room is much different from many other lounges and clubs in Dallas. The drink prices are average to slightly pricier than other bars but Teddy’s still brings a crowd that is very diverse and ranges from college students, to recent college grads, and all the way up to couples in the 30’s looking for an upbeat, lively place to spend a night out in Dallas.

One of the most popular events at Teddy’s Room is the burlesque show. Both locals and visitors rave about the short, yet entertaining burlesque show every night at Teddy’s. It’s really the only place to see a real Burlesque show, which is why it draws such a crowd each and every night.

The Church – The Church isn’t your normal nightclub by any stretch of the imagination. The Church is Dallas’ exclusive industrial/goth club. The crowd is as you would expect it to be — wearing dark clothing and eyeliner, although an influx of regulars are starting to change the perception of The Church.

While other clubs are playing EDM and house music, The Church plays older 80’s dance and New Wave music. Occasionally DJs will throw in the occasional punk or metal song as well to change the mood.

Despite what you may or may not think about a goth club, it is constantly packed and is one of Dallas’ most widely liked clubs. The inside is open and the bar is fully stocked and there are two dance floors to accommodate a large amount of people. There are also several tables and couches to lounge around in between songs or drinks to socialize and enjoy a night listening to some of the best 80’s dance music and punk/metal songs.