2019 was a year of major upheaval in our industry, but it wasn't all bad news. Because of the support and dedication of this amazing community, Slixa had our most successful year since our company's inception in 2012. We're now available in more regions, serve more advertisers, and have amassed a dedicated viewership that makes any investment in Slixa advertising an investment in your own success.

How Advertisers Can Save With Slixa:

The last week of January saw Eros.com suddenly raise their advertiser rates by astronomical proportions, with some users pointing out as much as a 50% increase in what they were paying – overnight. With these new ad prices in place, Eros users are now being charged in excess of 200% more per month, compared with Slixa's rates for comparable placements. Check out our 1 to 1 comparison for major US cities:

Eros' VIP Ads Compared to Slixa's VIP Profile:

If you're an advertiser who utilizes the VIP upgrade for their Slixa profile, you stand to benefit even further: because Slixa's VIP status upgrade applies to all active ads, you could easily have a month-long Premium VIP Slixa Ad in New York ($150) AND San Francisco ($150) for less than the cost of single location VIP ad on Eros.com ($494).

But you don't have to take our word for it. Try our transparent pricing calculator to explore ad types and pricing in your city.

Slixa's Viewership Record Broken in 2020:

This January, Slixa.com hit a new high with with 7,645,000 total pageviews (that's seven million) worldwide. Users are reporting increased views to their profiles, and upticks in traffic to their personal websites. We're ecstatic to know that Slixa is consistently providing exactly the views and conversions our customers need to stay successful.

We also saw record traffic and signups in some of our larger cities. New York alone cashed in at well over half a million pageviews in January 2020, with LA and San Francisco not far behind:

Slixa's organic Google ranking improved dramatically in 2019, too.  In virtually every available city, Slixa.com ranks in the top 3 (on page 1) of Google searches. That means that viewers who may not even know they're looking for you yet are finding their way into Slixa.com at a higher rate than ever before.

(3rd party growth estimate courtesy of ahrefs.com)
(3rd party growth estimate courtesy of SEMRush)

Slixa's Enduring Commitment to this Community:

It's possible that the price of ad placements and ever-higher Google rankings aren't your only deciding factor, though. Which is why it's worth taking this opportunity to reinforce Slixa's ongoing dedication to serving this brilliant community, and the ways we strive to act ethically and make decisions that will allow us to do so for a long time to come.

In 2019:

Slixa introduced the Service Professionals Directory which now features 200+ listings for industry-aware and sex-positive photographers, web developers, life coaches, assistants, and more!

We were a key sponsor of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, through their Community Access Fund. Slixa's CEO wrote an impassioned open letter to encourage contributions toward this important annual event. Woodhull is one of the key challengers in the lawsuit against FOSTA/SESTA.

Our call for entries focused on the impacts of FOSTA/SESTA awarded 10,000 USD to three individuals and sex worker organizations of their choice. The winning entries were compelling and devastating in their documentation of FOSTA's flailing and misplaced reach.

Slixa also invested in content designed to help our users navigate the complex web of social and legal issues inherent in this industry. But also to help them flourish. Guides to how to plan a photoshoot, how to implement self care practices, and Kate D'Adamo's sex work news round-up, all drew more eyes and attention than ever before.

We're only headed up in 2020. But here's our pledge to you: We won't do it at the expense of the people who make it possible. Slixa is and always has been here to help you thrive. To deliver excited and high-quality viewers to your profile, and to help those viewers discover the best providers in the world – you – with whom they can plan an experience beyond compare.

We are here to help you with problems along the way, questions you might have, and to celebrate you in all your glory. You can always reach our friendly and dedicated support team by Live Chat, email, or you can talk directly to a human being on the telephone about your concerns.

We're on the verge of something big.

Join us?