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A modern, ultra-sexy platform for the sophisticated viewer seeking an exceptional experience.

Slixa is a trailblazing escort and private entertainer directory launched in 2012 with a focus on providers and industry advocacy. An award-winning platform, run by a small team of we-can-change-the-world ambitious thinkers, Slixa aimed to build a site that was the opposite of "outdated and grimy," and offered their users a chance to be the stars of that platform.

Six years later, Slixa’s focus is still on striving to elevate the voices of private entertainers and escorts through thoughtful design and superior customer care. Read more about our mission and history.

Slixa’s past press mentions include

XBiz Forbes Shape Salon Business Insider Medium HuffPost

Top Website 2022

Slixa is proud to announce that we were awarded to the top websites of 2022 based on a point evaluation system from TheGoodEstate of the following categories:
UX / Usability, Privacy & Security, Information Content & Research, and Services & Communication
Websites with a minimum of 30 points (40 total) had a chance to win the award. Slixa reached almost the maximum with 37 of 40 possible points.

Site Stats

Slixa.com is viewed by over 1.5 Million visitors per month worldwide to the tune of more than 7 Million total pageviews. Follow Slixa on Instagram and Twitter.

Work With Us

Slixa would be glad to answer press inquiries via email at press@slixa.com.

We offer expertise and thoughtful input surrounding the service provider industry on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Effects that politics and legislation has on the community.
  • Migration trends when advertising platforms shutter.
  • Morality, marginalization and advocacy issues.
  • Advertising and marketing challenges.
  • Confidentiality and identity issues.
  • Tech hacking for safety and security.
  • Wealth management in underground economies.

Logo materials

Slixa’s logo is available for download in the following formats, for appropriate use in your publication:

  • Complete Slixa logo package, containing everything below in a single ZIP file. If you're unsure, grab this and pass it to your creatives department.