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Ottawa – the capital of Canada. Thanks to the high standard of living in Ottawa, the nightlife scene in Ottawa has grown exponentially. Today, Ottawa is one of the best cities for nightlife in Canada next to Toronto and Vancouver.

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Nightlife in Ottawa

Trio Lounge – Looking for a quieter, intimate evening out in Ottawa? Consider going to the Trio Lounge located in Westboro, just outside downtown Ottawa. As soon as you enter Trio Lounge, you will notice the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. At each table is a single candle, which sets the intimate, warm feel of the entire lounge.

Trio Lounge has a large, extensive cocktail menu that features some of the most unique and tasty cocktails in all of Ottawa. The bartenders are quick and efficient at what they do, yet they still manage to beautiful craft each cocktail to perfection.

Trio Lounge does serve food and the favorite dish is easily the adventure plate. Essentially, the adventure plate is a sharing plate with one or several appetizers that the chef chooses. The chef is a highly trained and skilled chef and constantly comes up with new, exotic appetizers that are fun to eat and share.

The Trio Lounge has a relaxed, intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a date night or small group of friends. Remember that you’re going to have to pay more for cocktails here but the cocktail quality is better than the average cocktail.

Hooch Bourbon House – Much like the United States, bourbon is huge in Canada. The Hooch Bourbon House in Ottawa is easily the best spot in Canada for bourbon lovers to enjoy their favorite bourbon.

Upon first entering Hooch you’ll notice that it is dimly light and quiet, setting the romantic, intimate mood that people enjoy at Hooch. Each table has a candle to further accentuate the mood. Strange art is found throughout the bar and it’s definitely something to look at and talk about.

Hooch Bourbon House has the largest selection of bourbons in Ottawa and the extensive cocktail menu covers some of the most unique and exotic cocktails featuring bourbon. The cocktail list is long enough that Hooch has a house cocktail for anybody, regardless of your personal taste. Locals claim the Jalapeño mint julep is the best mint julep they’ve ever had.

The food at Hooch is also incredible, especially the chicken and waffles. Hooch has the best-rated chicken and waffles and it’s the most popular food item. However, expect to pay for it. Like most restaurants and bars in Ottawa, service doesn’t come cheap. Still, the locals will tell you that the price is well worth the food.

If you’re looking for a quality meal with some delicious cocktails with Bourbon, then you’ll love Hooch. It’s a great place for a date or for a quiet night out in one of the nicer lounges in Ottawa.

Chateau Lafayette – If you’re looking for a relaxed evening in a place that isn’t so expensive or quiet as Hooch or Trio Lounge, consider going to Chateau Lafayette. Chateau Lafayette is one of the oldest bars in Ottawa and it’s one of the best-rated dive bars in the area.

Chateau Lafayette is relaxed and has a diverse group of patrons. You can pretty much find anything from a newly legal patron to your great grandpa at Chateau Lafayette at any given time. It appeals to everyone.

Locals love the music and John Carroll and Lucky Ron are the two most popular music acts. Patrons flock to Chateau on these days and you’ll be lucky to get a seat for the show.

The drinks are incredibly cheap and much more affordable than most spots in Ottawa. There is no food but the bar does allow patrons to bring in food from Quizno’s. Most people would say the bar isn’t the type of bar to get food anyways.

If you want a casual, relaxing evening in Ottawa, you’ll love Chateau Lafayette. The bar is always filled and the music and cheap drinks make Chateau one of the Ottawa’s hot spots.

St. Louis Bar & Grill – Canadians love their hockey and St. Louis Bar & Grill is one of the best spots to go. St. Louis has a typical sports bar feel with TVs littered around the bar as well as sporty décor.

The beer selection is fairly large and the food is pretty much your typical pub food with a few unique menu items. The bar is fully stocked and the average mixed drink will run you six or seven bucks, which is pretty typical in Ottawa.

There is a small bar outside in the patio section, which fills up during the spring and summer months. There is unrestricted smoking in the patio though, so non-smokers need to remember this before choosing the patio.

Overall, the service is great, the drinks and food are good, and the environment is pretty typical for a sports bar. Still, St. Louis is a great spot to catch a bite to eat or to watch some sports games on TV.