One of the first places many people start when deciding where they'll place an ad (or how they find others' ads in the first place) is by googling their location and a term like "escort" or "companion. At Slixa, we're working hard all the time to make sure our advertisers come up first on Google or Bing, but we know that what we offer might not be for everyone. Sites like Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator [], Skip the Games, or Adultsearch might put your ad in front of viewers who wouldn't see it otherwise.

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Let's take a look at how Listcrawler stacks up against Slixa, in terms of value and presentation:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Design and Presentation
  • Inclusivity and Community
  • Money Back Promise

Customer Service and Support  (Listcrawler vs. Slixa)

Slixa has a reputation for the best customer service and user support in the industry, and there's good reason for it. What we're most concerned with is helping our advertisers be as successful as possible in using our site, and encourage them to connect with support whenever the need it by emailing, calling us directly, or connecting with live chat.

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator is a classified ad scraper that doesn't offer any form of support to users, other than a message form called "fan mail," where viewers are encouraged to share with the site "how much do you love us?" It's worth pointing out that all other points of contact, including LE and DMCA takedown requests, are simply redirected to Listcrawler's terms and conditions page.

Slixa  ✅

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator  ❌/❓

Design and Presentation (Listcrawler vs. Slixa)

Slixa is an award nominated platform that has worked hard to set itself and its advertisers apart with a distinctive and elegant presentation free from misleading ads and problematic content. One of the most important things advertisers remark on about Slixa's presentation is that it feels respectful and complimentary to their own beautiful presentations.

Listcrawler is a classified ad scraper that simply re-presents whatever grainy or (potentially) stolen images appeared on the original backpage alternative classified site. It also features a confusing and discriminatory interface where users can sort ads with racially-themed tags like "dyn-omite" for black or African American providers, and "HK Bobo" for Asian providers.

Slixa  ✅

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator  ❌

Inclusivity and Community (Listcrawler vs. Slixa)

Slixa is proudly open to all genders and identities, and welcomes advertisers interested in elevating their personal brand regardless of their ethnicity or cultural heritage.

Listcrawler only displays ads by cisgender women, organized by troubling and uncultured labels like "HK Bobo" and "Ai Papi." Trans providers are listed under a category called "Trans X/Shemale: Nice dick, babe."

Slixa  ✅

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator  👎

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Money Back Guarantee (List Crawler vs. Slixa)

Slixa is sure that you’ll love their long list of professional features, and personalized support, and to that end have offered a 30 Day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your advertising on Slixa, we will refund a full 30 days of your basic ad cost – no questions asked!

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator is a classified ad scraper that doesn't technically take payment for the ads it serves from other sites.

Slixa  ✅

Listcrawler aka Escort Alligator  ❌

We know there are so many options when you're choosing the platform that's right for you. Slixa is proud to serve a diverse and inspiring community of providers and entertainers and wants your experience to nothing less than phenomenal.