UTR Girls

Our Mission

Elevate the voice of escorts and private entertainers through the sheer execution of achingly beautiful design, highly intuitive navigation, superior customer care. Make the resulting platform a community-centric website where each and every member can be proud to advertise and enriches the visitor experience in the quest to find quality private entertainment.

Our Story

We're a trailblazing Escort and Private Entertainer directory launched in 2012 with a laser focus on industry advocacy. A small team of we-can-change-the-world ambitious thinkers, we aimed to build a site that was the opposite of "outdated and grimy" - the state of industry sites at the time. We're a modern, elegant alternative that portrays our advertisers with beauty and respect, making the visitor experience rich with gorgeous eye candy and ease of use. With page views in the millions, Slixa has rapidly risen to be the industry standard and continues to expand in countries worldwide serving private entertainers and clients alike.

Our Values

The right to privacy is a basic human right, no different from your rights to freedom, dignity, or equality. As such, we go to extraordinary lengths to protect your privacy and keep your data safe.

Giving back to our community through charitable giving and advocacy and awareness raising initiatives is fundamental to the way Slixa operates. Reinforcing our core values and elevating community voices through our blog and decision making processes is key. As we grow, so does our ability to give back.

Be fair, honest, respectful in everything we say and do. Never do harm. At our core, we love nurturing relationships with our community members and appreciate that people are unique individuals. It gets us up in the morning.

Our Expertise is Trusted

Who better to validate Slixa's mission and execution than the very people who use the site each and every day. Our advertisers are uber-loyal who serve as Slixa brand evangelists spreading the word to fellow colleagues and their faithful clients.

Amy Taylor’s Avatar "Slixa is modern and lets my personality shine through. It showcases my assets in an ideal way where men can be attracted to my personality and not just my pictures. Slixa is the only site that captures and displays the “whole me" …incredible client matches that are beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Slixa for being a magnet for quality!" - Amy Taylor, Slixa New York City

HaydenHarper’s Avatar "Slixa respects and elevates the entertainer in a way no other ad site does. The features available to the advertiser are amazing and customer service is top notch." - HaydenHarper, Slixa Miami

LaRue McCay’s Avatar "Slixa is a breath of fresh air with equally just as amazing clients! Beautiful platform, & equally as amazing reach to the clientele I want!" - LaRue McCay, Slixa Las Vegas

A. Banks’s Avatar "Slixa is absolutely one of the best websites that I want to have a close advertising relationship with! They consistently deliver top notch results and I love the clientèle I get from my ads. Slixa attracts high-end caliber gentlemen that breeze through the screening process and often turn out to be valued regulars." - A. Banks, Slixa Los Angeles

Katelyn Ross’s Avatar "Slixa has been absolutely wonderful. I have been generating high quality calls, and that means generating revenue. The staff is personal and provides one-on-one caring customer service and attention to your advertising needs. Every entertainer should consider joining Slixa. The results are incredible." - Katelyn Ross, Slixa San Francisco

Leana Lane’s Avatar "I have found Slixa to be a great partner in growing my brand. They have a tasteful presentation, the staff is wonderful to work with and you never feel just like another number to them. I look forward to my long working relationship with them and where they will take my business in the future." - Leana Lane, Slixa Washington

Our Industry Authority is Tapped by Media

"[Slixa] serves as a slick-looking digital directory for consumers in the market for a personal escort" in an article about "What Porn Stars Do When The Porn Industry Shuts Down." Read more…

"Slixa, The Website That's Like Facebook For Escorts. If you're seeking discreet paid-for companionship, you need to know about Slixa. The site offers you an incredibly easy way to hire local escorts over the internet [with a] clean, modern design and incredibly intuitive use.” Read more…

"Slixa Champions Ethical Advertising for Private Entertainers. Adult directory site Slixa has elevated the voice of entertainers by offering a novel platform geared toward humanizing escorts via high-end aesthetics and hands-on advocacy." Read more…

And Industry News Insider, XBIZ announces Slixa’s 2014 nomination for “excellence as a progressive website.” Read more…

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