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Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the United States and the largest city in Arizona. It’s one of the fastest growing cities due to its booming tech and research industries. It’s quickly becoming of America’s best cities for nightlife due to Arizona State and the growing younger demographic. Today, it’s the best city in Arizona for nightlife and features several dozen bars, restaurants, and lounges for anybody’s taste.

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If you’re planning a night out in Phoenix, you’ll want to spend the evening with some company. If you are unable to find company in Phoenix, you should consider hiring a Phoenix escort to come along with you to one of the several fine restaurants, bars, or lounges in Phoenix.

There are many high-class escort companies available in Phoenix that can connect you with a beautiful escort in Phoenix. Your escort will accompany you for an evening and will cater to your needs so your night out is as enjoyable as it can possible be.

Hiring an escort in Phoenix is a great way to spend an evening with someone new and exciting. Phoenix has a lot to offer and there are many great times to be had. If you plan on spending the night out in Phoenix and need some company, hiring a Phoenix escort is a smart decision.

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The Whining Pig – The Whining Pig is a small wine bar and lounge just north of Phoenix. As soon as you walk in The Whining Pig, you’ll notice the bar is very small and cozy. There are only a few tables around the bar and then several stools at the bar. Despite its small size, the beer and wine selection are very large and can accommodate everyone. The beer selection is bottled beers only and features your traditional beers like Coors and Blue Moon, along with several other Arizona beers as well.

The atmosphere is quiet and intimate and you’ll find that it is very cozy inside. If you’re in the mood for it you can play Connect 4 or Trivia games with a couple friends as well as several other games.

If you’re in the mood for a meal, there are cheese platters and a few pastries available that are labeled on the chalkboard. The Whining Pig is not the place to have a meal with wine. Instead it’s the place to relax, drink a few beers or glasses of wine, and enjoy a quieter, laid back night.

If you enjoy wine and want a quieter night out, The Whining Pig is perfect. The owners are there every night and are friendly and engaging to customers. Happy hour offers $5 glasses of wine and $3 beers, which makes happy hour one of the best in Phoenix. If you enjoy wine and beer and like a quieter setting, you’ll love The Whining Pig.

Bikini Lounge – Bikini Lounge is a tiki-themed dive bar in downtown Phoenix. As soon as you walk in the lounge, you’ll notice it is truly tiki-themed with true décor designed for a dive bar. The crowd is what your typical dive bar crowd is and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed.

The drinks at Bikini Lounge are incredibly cheap as you would expect. PBRs are $2 and premium spirits cost about $4 before happy hour. The bar is cash only, which does deter some customers from coming, but the bar still fills up on most nights.

On some nights the bar has a local DJ come in and play a variety of music although there is a jukebox for when he isn’t there. The jukebox surprisingly is a major attraction and many locals claim it is the best in town.

If you want a true dive bar, you’ll love the Bikini Lounge. The atmosphere is as laid-back as it can get, the drinks are cheap, and the staff is friendly. If you like dive bars, you’ll have a great time at Bikini Lounge.

Lustre Bar – The Lustre Bar is located on the third floor of a hotel in downtown phoenix. It’s a rooftop bar next to a pool and features live music and a DJ seven nights a week. The bar has a unique atmosphere due to its rooftop setting and on the warm summer nights, it fills up with partygoers looking to enjoy some fresh air and cocktails.

One of the big attractions of the Lustre Bar are the fresh juices. Lustre uses several freshly squeezed juices in their house cocktails, which are rated as some of the best in Phoenix. The second main attraction is obviously the view, with Phoenix’s skyline all around the bar along with a great view of a lit up Chase Field at night.

Simply put, Lustre Bar is one of the few spots in Phoenix with a view and outdoor setting, which makes it a popular destination. The crowd varies by day but it is generally upbeat and lively so if you’re looking for a louder, more energetic night, Lustre Bar is a spot to consider.

Rum Bar – The Rum Bar is one of the more unique bars in Phoenix and is located just a block away from Arizona State University. The selection of rum is huge here and you can just about find any type of rum here and a massive selection of cocktails.

In addition to its amazing selection of rum, you can also smoke cigars at the Rum Bar. However, the bar is not overly filled with smoke nor does it have that smoke smell at any point.

The ambiance is intimate and romantic and you’ll find couples and small groups of friends lounging here for hours. It’s not the type of bar to go and get drunk at. Instead, The Rum Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a variety of house cocktails and unique rums from around the world. Simply put if you like rum, you need to go to The Rum Bar at some point.