Without the voices and insights of readers and community members like you, the Slixa Blog would just be us yelling about things we thought were exciting. In other words, we couldn’t do it without you. And we wouldn’t want to.  

We can’t accept everything sent our way, but Slixa pays for pitched works we decide to publish in Slixa Credits. This is a great way for you to not only pay for your Slixa ads, but to draw some extra attention to your profile via your Author bio. For pitched articles between 600-1200 words, we offer 300 Slixa Credits (enough for a significant boost to your current ads, or a test drive of another type of ad or location). Arrangements for longer articles, or articles submitted by non-advertisers are made on a case-by-case basis.  

If you’re interested in contributing to the Slixa Blog this page will make it simple for you to decide on a topic, draft your pitch email, and send your idea to us directly. Here’s how it works:


Slixa is always on the hunt for stories and articles that shed light on personal experiences or corners of the internet that may not get the attention they deserve from other outlets. Some examples of pitch ideas we’re already pre-excited about include:

• Ways to diversify your adult entertainment income streams

• How independent providers can be smarter about tracking and budgeting their business expenses

• Brands or products worthy of review and without which you simply couldn’t live without

• Opinions about news coverage or law changes

• Opinions or personal experience with social media (how-to advice, what to avoid, and possible future trends)

Pitch ideas listed here change regularly, based on demand or industry trends. Check back often for fresh ideas, or go totally off-list and send us something unique!


The Slixa Blog values thoughtful contributions (something like, “Here’s How I Overcame My Twitter Shadowban,”) –  over sensationalist clickbait (you know the type: “You Won’t Believe How I Used This One Secret Trick to Steal More Clients!”). We would rather know what has a proven track record of working for you, and ways you recommend others can succeed.

Consider including three or four (or more) reputable sources to back up any facts you state or information you share, and remember to present your ideas as clearly and professionally as possible. Spelling, grammar, and readability are major factors in whether or not works get selected for the blog.


We don’t need a full, final draft until we’ve been in touch and expressed an interest in your pitch. To start with, send us a pitch for your idea, and keep it concise; 3 - 4 well thought out sentences that summarize your idea and why it matters is perfect. A great pitch will usually:

• Briefly summarize your idea

• Briefly explain why you’re the right person to write the piece. What’s your relevant expertise or experience?

• Briefly explain why this argument or story matters. What are the stakes here?

• Include a short description of your previous writing experience and links to published clips, if you’ve got them

• Always be your own work. Plagiarism (in any form) is not of interest to the Slixa Blog

Ready? Pitch to the Slixa Blog: blog@slixa.com (be sure to include “Blog Pitch” in your subject line so we know what we’re looking at right away)