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As Canada’s largest city, Toronto is home to some of the most unique nightlife in all of Canada. Several upscale nightclubs are spread throughout the city when the city transforms into a vibrant, energetic hotspot for 20-somethings looking to party and dance the night away. Toronto also has dozens of upscale bars and restaurants for the older crowd as well if the club scene is no a thing of the past.

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Toronto features the absolute best nightclubs, bars, lounges, restaurants, and other nightlife in all of Canada. You simply will not find a better city in Canada for nightlife. If you’re just visiting, are new to the city, or just want to experience Toronto’s incredible night scene, you don’t want to do it alone. If you need company to explore Toronto’s nightlife, consider hiring a Toronto escort.

An escort in Toronto will travel with you and enjoy an evening at the fine Toronto establishment of your desire. Hiring a Toronto escort will ensure your individual needs are met during your night out in Toronto to maximize your enjoyment. By hiring a Toronto escort, you can be sure you are in for a truly intimate, exciting night out in Toronto.

Nightlife in Toronto

Cobra Nightclub – Cobra Nightclub is a massive 5000 square foot nightclub in the King West area of Toronto. Cobra Nightclub has one of the most unique designs in Toronto with iron gargoyle torches and countless golden skulls surrounding the dance floor. The club also features a unique fully loaded LED Color ceiling, which changes colors on a regular basis.

The club itself has several bars spread around the club for quick access to drinks. Several VIP tables are setup for bottle service, which surround the dance floor and offer the best sound and view of the entire club. Bottle service starts out at a few hundred dollars so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for your VIP service.

A state of the art Alpha Dynachord sound system and custom light show energize the packed crowds on a nightly basis while some of the best local DJs play a variety of rock, house, and electro music. Each night has a primary genre of music although the DJs still manage to perfectly blend the genres together.

Cobra Nightclub is trendy, artsy, and sophisticated and the spending a night there is what you can expect the crowd to be. Cobra is by far one of the best spots to go see local DJs and its’ energetic and lively atmosphere always leads to a good night.

CLUB 108 – Located in Mississauga, just west of Toronto, Club 108 is one of the largest clubs in the Toronto area. With a massive 25,000 square feet of space, Club 108 attracts the 20-Somethings and college studies from all over the Toronto metro area. Club 108 is such a large venue that it’s fairly easy to get lost and lose a date or group.

Inside the club, you’ll notice a modern, high-tech style of design. Several obscure rooms and shapes are filled throughout the entire club and custom LED lighting illuminates the club for a variety of settings — some intimate and romantic while others carefree and wild.

Throughout the entire club you can also find several different sizes of tables for premium bottle service. As one of Toronto’s most popular clubs, getting a table can be difficult especially when a world-class DJ is performing. However, despite the difficulty in reserving a table, the price of bottle service is fairly inexpensive compared to other clubs and the service is top notch, which is why Club 108 is the best clubs to reserve bottle service at in Toronto.

There is no club quite like Club 108. It’s modern design, hundreds of young, attractive, partygoers and world class DJs create a special atmosphere that will only lead to a good time. Spending a night at Club 108 will be one of the best experiences you will remember while out in Toronto.

Aria Complex – The newest club to open in Toronto is the Aria Complex. Aria actually features four different venues into one giant complex, which can hold about 2,000 people in total. The main area Aria features two full service bars and three private VIP rooms with flank the room. Unique lighting unlike anything you could find in any other Toronto club highlights Aria and the VIP service is next to none.

The next building is the Vanity Nightclub, which is the most sophisticated and upscale part of the Aria Complex. You won’t find any call liquor brands at Vanity, only the most premium and rare liquors in Toronto. A large VIP section offers an excellent view of the dance floor and has been setup so that the acoustics are like a symphony to your ears all night long as the DJ spins Toronto’s hottest music. Three other VIP sections are also available next to the dance floor for socialization with other guests in the club.

Haze Nightclub is the third building in the Aria Complex and is described as having a “royal accent savoir faire design encourages the intense intimacy of the dance floor and leaves the heart thumping in a trance.” Indeed, the white and neutral colored design does perfectly paint a dream-like atmosphere of luxury and sensuality. The long bar features several premium liquors and the DJ is optimally positioned right next to the VIP section and dance floor.

Finally, the Pure Patio Club is located at the top of the complex and features one of the best views of the Toronto Skyline. The blue and purple toned lighting sets a unique atmosphere perfect for any size party. Two full service bars and an smaller DJ/dance floor area set an intimate tone at this exclusive patio nightclub. Three elevated VIP stations are located directly next to the dance floor and offer the best VIP service in all of Toronto. Pure Patio Club is a truly one of Toronto’s best nightclubs and is something you must experience.