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Right in the heartland of the United States lays Chicago, the United States’ biggest city in the Midwest. Chicago is home to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and has one some of the wealthiest Americans called Chicago home. As the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago easily has the best party scene in the Midwestern United States. Dozens of clubs line downtown Chicago where popular athletes and celebrities frequent on a fairly regular basis.

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Chicago has a large and diverse array of restaurants, clubs, and lounges all over its massive metropolitan area. Chicago has a lot to offer everybody and it's a city you have to spend with somebody else. Hiring a Chicago escort is one way to spend a night out in Chicago’s vibrant night scene with someone new and exciting.

Several high-class escort companies can connect you with escorts in Chicago to your specific desire. Once you choose an escort, she will accompany you to your desired bar, lounge, or restaurant for an enjoyable, exciting evening out in Chicago.

Hiring an escort in Chicago is perfect for anybody, regardless of whether you are visiting for a few days, are new to the city, or just want to spend time with someone new. Chicago escorts will accompany you to your desired destination and will cater to your needs to ensure your night out is as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

Nightlife in Chicago

The Mid – The Mid is one of Chicago’s premier nightclubs and is also one of its most versatile clubs. Inside the club is a long, narrow dance floor that is right in front of the small DJ booth. This area tends to become packed very quickly and the sidebars can become quite difficult to get to once the club-goers become packed like sardines. The lighting at the MID features primarily blue and purple LED lighting for an intimate, yet classy feeling.

The club has two stories, one for the general public and the top level, which features more VIP tables for bottle services. Bottle service at The Mid is among the most expensive in all of Chicago but its easily one of the best nightclubs so the environment makes up for it. In addition to bottle service, a full service bar is also available in the upstairs area for patrons who are looking for something extra in addition to bottle service.

The overall vibe of The Mid is energetic and upbeat and The Mid is always a good time. Drink prices are a bit more expensive compared to other venues but the first-class DJs and overall vibe more than make up for the cost of drinks. A night at The Mid always ends in a good time.

Primary – Primary Nightclub is situated Near North Side in Chicago. It’s one of Chicago’s smaller venues, although it still attracts a large number of world class DJs. Inside, Primary is tightly packed with guests almost every night and the long 30ft bar offers competitive drink prices with rail drinks for $5 and premium drinks for only $6.

Many patrons claim Primary has the best sound system in all of Chicago, which bodes will for Primary given its smaller size. The crowd is generally very diverse, which works well given Primary’s selection of dubstep, house, techno and electro music.

Primary is by far one of the best options for a smaller, hip alternative to the clubs near the “triangle” in Chicago. The owners are a group of savvy nightlife veterans who’ve put their heart in soul into making Primary into a nightclub that’s focused on music but still a stylish night out. Since its opening, Primary has delivered on this principle and continues to be one of Chicago’s best party spots.

Spy Bar – In the River North gallery district lays Spy Bar, one of the few true underground techno clubs in Chicago. Many guests would say Spy Bar has some of the best techno music in Chicago, although EDM and house music are among the other genres of music played at Spy Bar.

Inside the basement club, you’ll find the club to have a unique, modern look. The crowd is generally filled with 20-somethings, although you can find a slightly older crowd on some occasions. Unlike many other clubs in Chicago, the dress code is very lax, so there’s no need to have to wear an expensive suit or collared shirt.

The music is one of the most alluring aspects to Spy Bar. Spy Bar hosts some of Chicago’s best DJs on a weekly basis and the mostly 20-somethings crowd the dance floor drinking, partying, and otherwise enjoying the incredible DJs that flow through the best EDM, techno, and house music ever so smoothly.

Bottle service is available and it is not quite as pricey as other clubs. The environment, excellent music, and fairly affordable drinks are why Spy Bar continues to thrive and remain one of Chicago’s best clubs.

Studio Paris – Located right above the French Restaurant Paris Club, Studio Paris is a unique, upscale club located in the River North district of Chicago. Inside the club, you’ll notice a classy, modern design with black and white tables and sleek white curtains. Several premium tables surround the club that can only be secured with bottle service, which is expensive and sometimes difficult to purchase.

One of the highlights of Studio Paris is the retractable roof, which is opened during the warm spring and summer months. Once the roof opens, Studio Paris becomes one of Chicago’s hottest outdoor clubs with an excellent view and the large amount of attractive women fill the club up and lure in high rollers and some of Chicago’s elite.

The only real drawback to Studio Paris is the small dance floor. There really is not much room to dance, despite the fact Studio Paris brings in some world-class DJs. Some people also claim the bar is small and Studio Paris is understaffed, although this can be eliminated by purchasing VIP bottle service, which is the luxurious, exclusive setting Studio Paris tries to portray.