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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and the only 1st class city in the entire state. Louisville is cultured and has a diverse population, which makes it one of the more unique cities in all of America. During the day you can find several museums, parks, other outdoor attractions available to the public. By night, Louisville’s night scene livens up the city and city’s bars, restaurants, and lounges fill up to capacity with college students, business professionals, and other young locals.

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With the most exciting nightlife in Kentucky, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not seeing what Louisville has to offer. If you plan on exploring Louisville then you will need some company. If you want to meet someone new or cannot find company, then you should hire an escort in Louisville.

A Louisville escort will travel with you to one of the several fun, exciting nightlife venues in Louisville. During your night out, your escort will cater to your needs so your experience out in Louisville is a positive one. Plus, there are several luxury escort companies headquartered in Louisville so you can be sure you can find an escort of your choice that fits your desire.

Hiring an escort in Louisville is a fun new way to explore Louisville with a beautiful woman. You and your escort can dine, drink, or dance at one of Louisville’s fine venues and you can be sure a night with a Louisville escort will end up with a good time.

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Sergio’s World Beers – Sergio’s World Beers is located in Butchertown and has the most extensive selection of beers in Louisville. Sergio’s has a very quiet, low-key atmosphere. It’s very quaint and it’s the perfect spot to go with a group of friends to enjoy conversation and some of the finest beers from around the world.

Sergio’s has over 1,400 beers available and it was rated one of the top 10 beer destinations in the world. However, despite its fame and popularity, Sergio’s is reasonable priced and beers cost between $4-7 on average with some more expensive beers that are rare. However, Sergio’s is cash-only so make sure to remember that before you go.

Sergio, the owner of the bar is often behind the bar and is well educated on everything about beer. He is known to aid guests struggling to figure out a beer based on their tastes and on the meal they chose if they ordered food. If he isn’t there at the bar, the staff is well trained and will be happy to assist you in finding a beer that will suit your tastes.

The main reason you go to Sergio’s is for the world-class beer. There is no liquor at Sergio’s — just the finest selection of beer in America. The food is good, the atmosphere is perfect, and the beer is unmatched by any other bar in Louisville.

Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse – Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is located in downtown Louisville and has some of Louisville’s best beers and barbeque. As soon as you walk in the taproom you’ll notice the unique and funky décor on the walls along with the traditional taproom style look.

Once you make it to the bar, you’ll find a long list of beers brewed on location. All of the microbrews are unique and feature several different flavors blended perfectly into a flavorful, delicious beer. If you cannot choose one beer to your liking, consider buying a flight of the microbrews, which include 6 small taste glasses of each of the beers for around $5.

In addition to the brewery, Against the Grain serves a variety of smoked pork and other BBQ. The BBQ is slow cooked for hours so that the meat is perfectly done and is tender and juicy. The ribs fall right off the bone as you would expect and the Memphis ribs and smoked pork sandwiches are among the favorites and there are six BBQ sauces made in-house for a nominal charge as well.

There isn’t really anything that stands out at Against the Grain Brewery & Steakhouse. Instead, Against the Grain pretty much excels in everything — the food, the beer, the atmosphere, and the service. If you enjoy great microbrews or perfect BBQ, then Against the Grain is worth visiting. It’s the perfect spot to go with a group of friends and has the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed, casual evening out in Louisville.

Holy Grale – Holy Grale is one of the most unique bars in all of Louisville based alone on the fact it was formerly a church before it was renovated. Many features of the church still exist which makes the inside of the bar one of the most unique interiors in all of Louisville.

Inside the bar, you’ll notice the long list of craft beers on tap, many of which are local. In fact, some of Louisville’s finest beers are available at the Holy Grale, which makes it a popular destination in the Eastern part of Louisville. No liquor is served at the bar, however you can order wine if beer isn’t your cup of tea.

An outdoor patio garden is opened when the weather permits, which is quaint and a quieter part of the bar. This is also partly because there is no live band or DJ so the only music played is quieter background music. Several tables provide ample seating and small overhead lights brighten up the place just enough for the perfect relaxed environment.

The Holy Grale is a great spot to try Louisville’s finest beers and enjoy some fine food with a small group of friends. The outdoor seating is a major attraction and the church building creates one of the most unique atmospheres in all of Louisville. If you’re looking for a laid back night with some friends and good beer, The Holy Grale is perfect.