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San Diego California

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Slixa San Diego

Getting a job traveling had always been a dream of mine, being that I’m from small town America. In all my travels, I have been able to broaden my horizons per say, but the time that I will never forget nor regret is when I went to San Diego. I went into Fancy Noble Experiment Bar where I met another guy who told me about a local business that could really enhance my experience in San Diego. At first I laughed at his suggestion to look up San Diego escorts on Slixa, but after I thought about it a while I thought it would be great to have someone show me around town. Then of course it would be even better to have a gorgeous woman to spend my free time with.

I decided to give it a shot and when I saw how beautiful these escorts were I decided I’d really like to take one of them out on the town that night. It just seemed so easy. I searched on Slixa for San Diego escorts and Pornstar Escort San Diego when I found a gorgeous young lady that seemed like she would be great. Nervously I called her, but she put me right at ease telling me she would love to meet up with me and hang out. She showed up at Cucina Urbana looking like a fox. She was so laid back and so endearing. The conversation was just flowing when we decided to go ahead and look around to find our next adventure. Walking around with her was amazing. I felt so intrigued by her. I really loved the way she made me feel at ease being that I had never done anything like that.

I will definitely us Slixa to look up San Diego escorts on my next visit. It was absolutely a fantastic experience.

, Quincy WA

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Every Moment, Irresistible

Slixa San Diego

Let me just start by saying I am no rookie to using an escort service. I’ve enjoyed getting to know beautiful women from sea to shining sea, but when I arrived in San Diego I found the cream of the crop with browsing on Slixa for San Diego escorts.

When my date arrived for some fine dining at Oceana Coastal Kitchen I was breathless at how beautiful this west coast hottie was. Her eyes were tantalizing to say the least and watching her sip on that martini sent me over the top. Who knew a woman could be so beautiful and also encompass a great personality. She was witty and personable with a great sense of humor. The evening light radiated off her blonde hair making every moment spent with her irresistible.

Later that night things went great as I got to know her. Next time I frequent San Diego one of my first stops will be looking for another lovely San Diego escort on Slixa.

, Corona Del Mar

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A Lasting Impression

Slixa San Diego

Last June I took a little trip down to San Diego. I had been working pretty hard during this point in my life and I really wanted some time to myself to just unwind. So, I ended up flying to San Diego and spent a good majority of my time seeing the local sights and meeting people across town. It seemed like I was having the time of my life, but I really wished I had a companion to be there with me to enjoy the city. That is when a local in the area I met told me about a little San Diego escort website I could go to and find a lady to spend the day with. I was somewhat apprehensive at first; I mean I had never done anything like that before. However, I figured why not since I was on vacation.

Anyway, it sounded like a great idea at the time. So, I went online to Slixa (the San Diego escort directory) and found the most beautiful blond haired woman I have ever seen in my life. I contacted her through the site, we talked for a bit and I knew in no time at we would be spending the day together. We met up at the Omni Hotel where I was staying and then we went out to dinner.

At first we simply talked about our lives and really got to feel at ease with each other and this was almost the best part of the whole experience. After a fantastic dinner she offered to show me around San Diego from a local’s perspective and might I just say that I really enjoyed my experience. This San Diego escort clearly left a lasting impression on me.

, Merced CA

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️More Than I Had Imagined

Slixa San Diego

I had just gotten out of a bad relationship when I reconnected with an old flame from my sophomore year of college on Facebook. I decided to fly out to San Diego to see her hoping to rekindle the romance. Needless to say, things did not go as planned so I found myself sulking and self-loathing at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I decided I did not spend the money to fly to San Diego for nothing so I was still going to make the best of things.

I didn’t know anyone so I logged onto my computer and started searching for different things to do. That is when I came across an escort directory for San Diego escorts. I just began glancing through when I decided I sure didn’t come all the way to San Diego to be alone so after glancing through the women on Slixa I decided on a brunette with green eyes. I sent her a message and she responded promptly. We began to chat when she asked me to give her a call so we could make plans. I called her and we decided to meet in the lobby of the hotel.

When the elevator door opened, she was standing there and she was more than I had imagined. She had a great body with long beautiful tanned legs. I walked over and introduced myself and she was so happy to see me. I then took her to a lounge in San Diego where we had great conversation and I felt like I could be myself with her. She seemed to be really enjoying herself too. She was really caring and very easy to talk to. I loved staring at her beautiful face and hearing her laugh. She would lean in to tell me some things and she smelled so good. We then began to walk around San Diego and she showed me some of her favorite places. We hung out for the whole afternoon, the evening, and into the night. She really seemed like she wanted to be with me and the whole experience went above my expectations.

I am so glad I searched to San Diego escorts. Thank you Slixa for helping me to find a wonderful woman to spend my evening with. This experience was just what I needed to return home to finally start rebuilding my life again.

, Harrisburg

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A Fantastic Winter Night

Slixa San Diego

I found an ad for Becca on this San Diego escort directory called Slixa back in late 2016. She was a petite little blonde with perky full lips around 20 years old. She looked amazing so I called her up and told her I wanted to party with a cute blonde. She was down to met me at a restaurant in San Diego.

She showed up about a hour looking like a babydoll. I thought wow and she was dressed up nice. Nothing that screamed "I’m an escort," just a night out with a super hot blonde. After dinner we went for a walk along Embarcadero Marina Park, which was amazing. She then suggested we go clubbing and of course I wanted to!

We made our way up to Bassmnt and if you haven’t been there you should go. I would be lying if I said Becca was the only hot blonde in the place that night and the DJs were thumping. We danced until we worked up an appetite so we headed off to get some late night snacks. We were pretty tired by this point. Thanks Slixa and Becca for a fantastic winter night in San Diego! I wasn’t sure what to expect from my adventure with a San Diego escort but it was amazing!

, Riverside CA

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Even Better In Person

Slixa San Diego

I had an excellent experience with a San Diego escort during my last visit to the area. I was away on business and stayed one extra night to enjoy the city. I jumped on my favorite escort directory for San Diego and searched for an Asian lady being that I have always had a fetish for Asian women. There were so many choices I couldn’t make up my mind.

I finally found one I really wanted to get to know better and gave her a call. We discussed the evening and made plans. I was a little blown away to be having dinner with such a knock-out gorgeous lady. She stood petite at about 5'2" with gorgeous eyes. The photos posted on escorts in San Diego website were accurate but, she looked even better in person. She had a bit of an accent but she spoke great English. She was quite friendly and personable.

After we finished eating, I offered her another drink so we moved to the bar and proceeded to have a great evening. Our entire time together was very intense. She didn’t seem bored and was not watching the clock. She acted like she wanted to be there, which isn’t always the case. She provided one of the best experiences I’ve had and I’ve traveled all over the country. I would recommend her and Slixa to anyone looking to have a great time.

, Seattle

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San Diego is the southern most city in California and also is the considered to be the birthplace of California. San Diego is known for its beaches, mild climate, and natural deep-water harbor. San Diego has become a hub of healthcare and biotechnology research and this is benefitted the local economy. Today, San Diego is one of the fastest growing cities in American and its nightlife and cultural scene rivals that of Los Angeles.

San Diego Escorts

If you’re planning a night out in San Diego, you’ll want to bring some company with you. In the event you cannot find company, you should consider hiring one of the many beautiful escorts in San Diego.

Hiring an escort in San Diego ensures that you not only have someone to bring with you on your night out, but also that you will have as much fun and excitement as humanly possible. This is because your San Diego escort will cater to your needs to ensure you’re taken care of throughout the entire night.

Hiring a San Diego escort is an excellent way to explore San Diego with someone new and exciting. If you decide to spend an evening with an escort in San Diego, you can know you’re in for a great night.

Nightlife in San Diego

Noble Experiment – Located in downtown San Diego lays Noble Experiment, arguably the best spot in San Diego to order a cocktail. As soon as you walk to the entrance of the bar, you know you’re in for a unique experience. The entrance of the bar is a wall of empty kegs that you push on the right side. There’s no door, no handle, no knob.

Once you enter the bar you’ll notice the bar is quieter and very small in size. It has a speakeasy feel to it and the ambience is intimate and classy. The bartenders dress up like 1920’s bootleggers or barkeepers and there is no vodka available to add to the speakeasy feel.

If you enjoy fine cocktails, you’ll absolutely love Noble Experiment. The bartenders are considered to be the absolutely best in San Diego. The ever popular drink choice “Dealers Choice” consists of anything the bartender thinks you will like from the extensive menu that rivals any other cocktail bar in San Diego. The bar only uses fresh ingredients so you can know your cocktail will taste fresh and your taste buds will thank you as you taste your masterfully crafted cocktail.

In addition to the fine cocktails, the bar also serves your traditional bar food as well as some local cuisine custom tailored to please locals. If you plan on staying for a long time, you’ll want to grab a quick bite, which will compliment your drinks nicely.

To put it simply, Noble Experiment is the absolutely place to go if you enjoy fine cocktails. This is not the type of bar you go to get drunk with your friends. Instead, Noble Experiment is the type of place you go with a special someone to enjoy fine cocktails in a romantic, unique environment. It is small and difficult to get into, so you’ll want to make a reservation in advance, which can still make you wait a few weeks.

Small Bar – If you enjoy drinking craft beers, you’ll love Small Bar. Small bar has a very large selection of beers, mostly of which are local craft beers. There are 40+ beers on tap that rotate frequently and the large variety ensures almost anybody can find a beer that suites there tastes. If you do not prefer beer, there is a full bar, although the beer is the high selling point of Small Bar.

Inside the bar, you’ll find the pub has the look of a traditional American bar. The mood is very casual as the bar is filled with mostly patrons looking to relax and enjoy a few beers with some friends. The bar does fill up, especially on weekends, so you’ll want to get there early if you plan on staying all night.

Another big attraction besides the beer list is the special event nights. Small Bar features several special tasting nights each week that allows customers to pay a small fee to taste a specific brewery’s beers and keep the glass as a souvenir. These events attract a huge crowd and are a great way to discover new beers.

The food is just as good as the beer and you’ll find that the food is both German and American in style. The kitchen is one of the quickest in San Diego and its only a matter of time before you get your delicious food to accommodate your beer.

Overall, Small Bar is an awesome place to hang out, drink some great beers, and enjoy a quick bite to eat. The bar has an awesome atmosphere and it constantly fills up quickly on any given night. It’s well worth trying.

Coin-Op Game Room – If you’re looking for a different experience while out in San Diego, consider going to the Coin-op Game Room. As you can expect, Coin-Op is an arcade bar located in North Park and has several classic pinball and arcade games. The cocktail and craft beer menu is extensive although the price for drinks here is slightly more expensive than other places.

The atmosphere is pretty laid-back although the bar can get loud when all the games are being played. There is plenty of seating around the bar too if you want to wait for a specific game. It often gets crowded, although the crowd is relaxed and pretty sociable. There is food at Coin-op, although the owners also have several restaurants nearby, which cater to the Coin-Op crowd. Therefore, you have a variety of choices if you feel hungry when relaxing at Coin-Op.

If you like arcade games and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll love Coin-Op. It’s the only true arcade bar in San Diego, which makes it one of the hot spots to go to although it is well worth trying at least once.