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Over the past five years, Austin has become the nation’s fastest growing city due to a massive expansion in the city’s tech industry. Hundreds of young, hip tech firms populate the city and the growth of tech industry has caused an influx of young, trendy 20-somethings to move to Austin. The increase of this demographic has led to Austin possess of the nation’s fastest growing nightlife scenes with dozens of new bars, clubs, and lounges spring up every single year.

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Austin is a fun, exciting city that is growing rapidly each year. Austin is the type of city you want to explore with a companion not alone. If you are in need of some company, consider hiring an Austin escort.

Several high-class escort companies will connect you with one of Austin’s fine escorts, based upon your needs. An escort in Austin will spend an evening with you at your desired destination in Austin. Your escort will cater to your needs while spending time with you to ensure your night out is enjoyable and as fun as it can possibly be.

Spending a night with an escort is a fun way to explore Austin in a new, exciting manner. Austin has an incredibly diverse array of venues to attend all over the city. Don’t explore Austin on your own. If you can’t find a date and want to spend the night with someone in Austin, then hiring an escort in Austin is the perfect way to meet your desires to enjoy Austin’s incredible night scene.

Nightlife in Austin

Plush – Plush is one of Austin’s premier dive-bar style clubs. Located in downtown Austin, Plush features some of the best local DJs in all of Austin Thursday through Saturday. Plush is recognized as one of Austin’s best spots for hip hop music and the club is filled with young, hip 20-somethings looking to party and dance all night long.

Plush is designed exactly like you would expect a dive bar to look like. However, the bar is not dirty, which is like many other dive bars. The doors are filled with graffiti mostly of signatures of the DJs and of some other notable guests. The laser light show energizes the crowd when the lights come on and the mood is set perfectly for a high energy night listening to some of Austin’s best local talent flow through a variety of music.

The one big drawback is that the bar is incredibly small, although the professional bartenders manage to keep up with the crowd. Drink prices are much cheaper than many other clubs, which attracts a younger, college-aged crowd.

Kingdom – Kingdom is a small, open club in Downtown Austin that many would describe as a European style club. Kingdom features arguably the best lighting and sound system in the world, which helps energize and keep the crowd dancing and partying all night long.

Tables are setup along the edge of the club, which is lit with candles and red lighting for a more intimate, romantic feeling. The fully stocked bar is open until 2am after which the club becomes open to 18+. However, drinks are fairly priced, Kingdom Club is best for the latter part of the night. No VIP bottle service is offered either, which is the main drawback to the club.

In addition to the local DJs, Kingdom does feature several live concerts on a regular basis. Cover can be expensive for these events and priced well over $100. Several of these events are 18+ as well, which prevents alcohol from being served. This leads to a crowd that is much younger, which repels the normal 20-something crowd.

Kingdom is one of the best clubs in Austin for EDM music, which is what Kingdom primarily focuses on attracting to the club. The 18+ crowds do fill the club up from 2am-4am, which can be negative for older 20-somethings, so the club’s mood does transform itself. Still, Kingdom is still one of the best clubs to listen to EDM music in Austin.

Hangar Lounge – The Hangar Lounge is a 3-story lounge in the downtown/warehouse district of Austin. The Hangar Lounge’s biggest attraction is its rooftop bar, which offers a stunning view of downtown Austin. The rooftop bar is the most laid-back area of the lounge and the clear night skies make for a romantic evening on warm spring and summer nights.

As the name would imply, The Hangar Lounge has airport/hangar design. Many people describe the Hangar Lounge as a “First Class Passenger Lounge from the 1950s.” The middle lounge has the best spot for larger groups with a few large couches and a smaller crowd compared to the rooftop bar and bottom lounge.

The bottom two stories are a little more energetic as the Hangar lounge starts to transform from a lounge/restaurant and more into a club. The Hangar Lounge still does not have a true club feel although local DJs do perform on some nights each week.

Drink prices are very reasonable and the bartenders are well trained for speed and quality. The Hangar Lounge also has several specials each night, which attracts young groups, singles, and couples from all around Austin. The Hangar Lounge is perfect for a quieter, more laid-back night out night in downtown Austin.

6th Street – Instead of spending the night at one club, why don’t spend a night in the epicenter of Austin’s best nightlife — 6th Street. 6th Street is home to several unique styles of bars, restaurants, shops, art museums, music venues, and other incredible venues to attend. You can find piano bars, dive bars, upscale bars, upscale restaurants, live music venues, nightclubs, sports bars, and plenty more.

Touring 6th street is perfect for a night out exploring the diverse nature of Austin. 6th street is by far the most populous area of Austin at night and home to Austin’s best nightlife. If you’re not feeling a specific club or bar, go to 6th street and explore all that Austin has to offer.