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+sexy & vivacious hedonist

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Alluringly beautiful, intellectual & insightful, kind & lighthearted

Effervescent, excitable, and erudite sensualist with a joyous, slightly mischievous disposition and an infectious energy and enthusiasm for life.

Standing at 5’6”, with a petite frame and luscious, all natural curves, long golden-honey hair, striking eyes of turquoise, a charmingly bright smile, and perfectly soft, heart shaped lips, I’m a radiant creature with a taste for the best that life has to offer.

As an epicurean aesthete, I seek all things beautiful & sublime, lavish & evocative; from a stirring work of art to a breathtaking natural wonder to an enthralling encounter with a splendid sir, I delight in the indulgence of the senses.

A bibliophile, flâneur, and naturally inquisitive, I’m always eager to engage in stimulated conversation on an array of subjects. My curiosity knows no bounds, and there is no such thing as boring.

Discerning about the gentleman I decide to spend my time with (though sometimes a shorter encounter is necessary to determine compatibility), I prefer those who seek longer engagements and sustained relationships.

I am intrigued by, drawn to, the undercurrents of our day-to day-lives, the dreamy realm our mind wanders to when left with our thoughts… shall we explore this realm together?

The Look

Emma Clare is a 5'6", slender, all natural, 25 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


Strong coffee

Dressing up (and taking it off)

Magnificent showers

Tickling the ivories

Paintings (looking at them, talking about them, writing about them, making them)

A great glass of wine (I’m a wannabe sommelier)

An excellent book


Please be a gentleman and introduce yourself, I will not entertain disrespectful language or lazy approaches (a little bit of effort goes a long way).

Advanced bookings via email are recommended, as booking attempts made in less than 48 hours may not lead to optimal results. The early bird gets the worm, no? ;)

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