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Next to Columbus, Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio. It is home to some of the hottest tourist spots in all of Ohio and features some of the nicest bars, lounges, and restaurants you can visit in Ohio. Cleveland has also become a hotbed for tech investment in the northeast, which has sprung a massive growth in the nightlife scene in Cleveland. Today, Cleveland has arguably the best nightlife in the eastern side of Ohio and is the go to spot for a night out if you’re anywhere outside Columbus or Cincinnati.

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Porco Lounge and Tiki Room – Located in Tremont, the Porco Lounge & Tiki Room is one of Cleveland’s most popular lounges. As you enter the lounge in the back, you’ll immediately notice a bamboo and beaded walkway along with the warm, red glow that permeates throughout the whole lounge. Once you make it to the bar, you’ll notice the unique and exotic décor, which is mainly tropical themed.

The food at Porco is to die for although the house cocktails are what really separate Porco from other bars. The house cocktails come in two different levels, which affect the strength of the drink. The professional mixologists employed at Porco invented these house cocktails, which come in exotic looking tiki cups from around the world or even a hallowed out pineapple.

The atmosphere and ambience of Porco is very intimate and laid-back, which is why it’s a popular spot for couples and small groups of friends. The service is also much better than many bars in Cleveland, despite the fact the Porco Lounge fills to capacity several nights a week. The owner is almost always seen going around the bar taking suggestions and making sure everything is up to customers standards.

Essentially, you have excellent cocktails, an awesome atmosphere, and superb staff at Porco. You simply cannot have a bad night at Porco Lounge and Tiki Room.

Happy Dog – If you are looking for a unique meal to go along with a few beers or drinks, consider going to Happy Dog, located in the Shoreway area of Cleveland. As you might imagine, this bar features hot dogs — but it does not serve them in the traditional sense. Instead, Happy Dog loads several different foods on top of the hot dogs, which add a unique, flavorful dining experience. In total, there are 50 different topics to chose from, which adds to the creativity of Happy Dog.

The bar itself is two floors with the main floor being the upstairs. The upstairs bar plays host to several local bands, which perform on several nights of the week. Downstairs, you’ll find another bar with a bunch of pinball machines.

The overall theme of the bar is very divey in nature. There is a clear focus on beer with a large selection of available beers on draft, including many local draft brews. Prices are very affordable and happy hour fills up with locals looking to enjoy their own special custom made hotdogs.

For a unique dining experience in a divey, casual bar, Happy Dog is the place to go. It’s clearly one of the most unique bars in Cleveland and is bound to leave you with a good night behind you.

Velvet Tango Room – For a more upscale experience in Cleveland, consider going to the Velvet Tango Room. The Velvet Tango Room is in Tremont and plays some of the finest Jazz and Blues Music in all of Cleveland.

The bar has a very elegant design and arrangement. It almost seems as if the bar was taken from a scene from AMC’s show Mad Men. Some people would say the bar is like going back in time when Jazz and Blues ruled the music world. Overall, Velvet Tango Room takes elegance a step further with its classier feel for a more intimate, romantic lounging experience.

The staff are some of the most experienced and well-trained bartenders in all of Cleveland. The house cocktails are all the rage among frequent patrons and are mixed to perfection every single time. The price of drinks is much higher compared to other lounges in Cleveland but this is what you should expect at a classier, more upscale establishment.

A private back room can also be reserved for special events, although it can be hard to reserve on busier nights. The glass on the door to the private room even has one-way glass, which means the people from the back room can see the rest of the lounge but the rest of the lounge cannot see inside. This private room also leads to a patio room, which is frequently used in the warm months.

The Velvet Tango Room is perfect for couple or small party looking for an upscale, classier night out in Cleveland. The ambience, cocktails, and soothing music make for a calm, laid-back night out in one of the classiest establishments in Cleveland.