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Brooke Lordes

+get lost in reverie once more

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New York City

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Brooke Lordes | Eternal Flame

This is your dream. Let me be your guide.

A fun personality with a knack for affection, deep conversation, and flirty banter. A true artrist, I live for beauty, art, exotic food, wine, literature— and above all: pleasure.

Despite this proclivity for decadence, I maintain a tight pilates-toned frame with busty curves. My most complimented feature is my face with its green cat-like eyes and long lashes.

But wait— could it be that you already recognize me? Haven’t we met before? We did. I was hailing a cab around the corner from your office. Or, no— I was in line, right in front of you, at my favorite bookstore.

What at first peek seemed like a collection of unrelated details now come together in a focus. A peek of lingerie. The flash of my gaze— electric, perceptive. As if those eyes know there’s so much the future has reserved for you.

Inspiration comes through the grace of the muse: a woman who puts the world in focus.

After all, the life you’ve led so far doesn’t have to be the only one you’ll have.

Surely, the only thing worse than not realizing your dreams is to have never dreamt at all.

There are no chance inspirations… you’ve found me.

The Look

Brooke Lordes is a 5'4", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.


During our date, I prefer to let a connection unfold naturally. I love a traditional dinner date or a similar outing, creating an atmosphere in which we can get to know each other on multiple levels, slowly becoming the focus of each others affections.

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