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The thrill of our first meeting. My heart high up in my chest as the car pulls up to the curb. My ears buzz, just a little. I’m about to meet you, feel you and see you for the first time…

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The thrill of our first meeting. My heart high up in my chest as the car pulls up to the curb…

My Story.

My early life was wholesome and sheltered, nurturing my core values of compassion and consideration of others. I’m grateful for the ease and grace I now bring to any social interaction, but eventually this safety was suffocating—I craved novel experiences, unconventional pleasures.

After I graduated from an Ivy League university with a degree in the hard sciences, I faced a choice. I could continue sleepily down the path society had laid out for me, or strike out on my own, create myself entirely, and become: Stella.

I took a risk and booked a flight. I didn’t know where I’d end up in my travels,– I wanted to focus on the now, the present, the physical sensation of the moment.

After two years of travel and self-exploration, I returned to New York an independent and sensual woman. But while staring across the rooftops from my UWS studio balcony, I admitted to myself I still crave something I’ve never found: a deep and meaningful romantic connection.

Despite my worldly experiences, I still hold onto a sweetly naïve hope for connections that can grow into genuine bonds. I seek gentlemen who, like me, are high-achieving, intellectually curious, and mentally stimulating. I delight in the progressive revelation of your personality, whether we melt into each other over dinners at Le Bernardin or pass cozy nights curled up together, sipping from the same glass of Salon Le Mesnil.

I wish for a partner who is emotionally enthralled with not just my striking beauty but my mischievous wit, who seeks mental stimulation as much as physical delectation. Who will indulge me as I wax poetic about PChem and advances in molecular medicine as enthusiastically as he’ll help me select between La Perla and Agent Provocateur. Someone who is evolving and seeking, ready to grow and unfold through intimate connection.

Let’s slowly reveal ourselves to each other. Let’s become, together.

The Look

Stella Steinbeck is a 5'7" 26 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I hope you’ll find the relaxed ease of our first meeting a pleasant surprise.

I’m an active listener and a talented conversationalist. I can be witty, irreverent, and I’m happy to take the lead as you warm up. I’ll meet you right where you are, pulling you gently out of your headspace, bringing you effortlessly into the moment with me.

Let me learn you, the inner forms of your mind and heart. Who shaped your values? What do you hope for? How did you become the man you are today? This intimacy, unhurried, gentle, and natural, sustains my soul and allows me to feel whole. I hope you seek it too.


My most memorable and exquisite experiences occur when gentlemen select multiple-hour engagements. Please allow us sufficient time to fully experience each other, especially for our initial meeting.

Potential energy (1 hour)… 2200

Magnetic field (2 hours)… 2600

Luminous outburst (3 hours)… 3400

Acceleration (4 hours)… 4200

Centripetal force (5 hours)… 5000

Controlled fission (6 hours)… 5800

Binding energy (12-14 hours/overnight)… 9000

Quantum entanglement (24 hours)… 12000

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