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Richmond is one of the nation’s oldest cities and is the oldest continually running capital city of a state. With over 200,000 people in its city limits, Richmond is one of the largest cities in Virginia. Law and finance drive Richmond’s economy, which employs a large percentage of the population.

Richmond’s residents enjoy a higher than average income, which gives residents money to spend. As a result, Richmond has a glowing nightlife scene with dozens of restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs. Its’ nightlife scene one of the best in Virginia and is by far the best in the surrounding area.

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If you’re traveling to Richmond or new to the city, you may want to explore the various nightlife venues in Richmond. If you need or are looking for company and cannot find any, consider hiring one of the many available escorts in Richmond.

There are a few high-class escort companies in Richmond that can connect you with one of the lovely escorts in Richmond. Your Richmond escort will travel with you to one or several of the fine establishments in Richmond to help you explore and discover everything Richmond has to offer.

Richmond is a fun, historic city that is full of life and excitement. There are plenty of things to do at Richmond during the night and day and you’ll certainly want some company as you explore Richmond. Hiring an escort in Richmond is just another way to visit some of Richmond’s fine nightlife establishments for an enjoyable evening with good company.

Nightlife in Richmond

Saison – Saison is one of the best gastropubs in Richmond that is tucked away in Jackson Ward. As soon as you walk in Saison, you’ll notice its creative décor and design. The menus are made from old books and the walls are covered in chalkboards adding to the creativity that is Saison.

Saison features some exotic foods as well as your traditional American foods for a complete dining experience. The chef at Saison is regarded as one of the best in Richmond and the food at Saison is considered to be some of the best food in all of Richmond.

Like the food, the drink quality at Saison is absolutely incredible. The bar staff are incredibly experienced and can craft several house and traditional cocktails masterfully. If you’re unsure what to order at the bar, talk to one of the bar staff. They will be able to mix you a delicious cocktail based on your tastes and if you are ordering food, based on what you ordered as well.

The crowd at Saison is laid-back although it is not your standard bar. There is not much socialization among all the guests. Instead, socialization is mostly among the small groups enjoying their meals and drinks. This is normal at a gastropub and Saison is no exception.

If you’re looking for great food and exotic cocktails that are blended perfectly, then Saison is the perfect place to go. There is no happy hour and the drinks to get pricey so plan on going to Saison for dinner then heading to one of the other several establishments in Richmond afterwards.

C’est Le Vin – C’est Le Vin is located in downtown Richmond and is one of Richmond’s best wine bars. As soon as you walk in to C’est Le Vin, you’ll notice the casual, trendy décor. Art surrounds the walls and several large tables are spread throughout the lounge. Red couches are also dotted around C’est Le Vin if you have a smaller group or if there are no tables available.

The selection of wine at C’est Le Vin is incredible with hundreds of wines to choose from. If you cannot pick a win yourself, one of the experienced wait staff can help you pick out a wine based on your tastes. Small appetizers and cheese platters are also available to share with friends or a special someone and every food item is well liked among the guests.

In addition to the great food and wine, C’est Le Vin has several different events each week. C’est has karaoke one night as well as a live jazz band on other nights. When live music cannot be performed, background music is played to maintain the calm, quieter atmosphere of C’est.

C’est is perfect for small groups who enjoy wine as well as a couple going out on a date. The ambience and atmosphere sets the perfect tone for a romantic, intimate night out with a special someone or with a small group of friends.

The Empire – If you’re a fan of dive bars and you’re in Richmond, then you want to go to The Empire. The Empire is located right near VCU’s campus, which makes it popular among the college-aged students. As soon as you enter The Empire, you’ll notice it has a warm, cozy vibe that most dive bars possess.

The drinks here are what you would expect a dive bar to have. During happy hour, drinks are $3-4 and $4-5 when it isn’t happy hour, so you know you are in for a much cheaper night out than if you were at many of the other bars in Richmond. There are several draft beers available including several local craft beers as well as the regular domestic and imported beers.

The Empire also has several of Richmond’s best local bands performing on a weekly basis. When a band cannot be booked, a DJ performs and plays a variety of genres, although all that fit the type of music you’d hear at a dive bar.

The Empire is essentially your typical dive bar. It’s dark but warm and it’s considered to be full of “hipsters.” However, what you will get at The Empire are cheap drinks, a relaxed atmosphere, and some of Richmond’s best music. If you have a small group of friends and want a the traditional dive bar experience in Richmond, then you’ll absolutely love spending a night at the Empire.