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Orlando is the largest city in central Florida arguably one of Florida’s biggest tourist attractions. The city is dominated by tourism, tech, and the industrial industries. An estimated 51 million tourists travel to Orlando every year making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. To accommodate these tourists, Orlando features some of the finest dining and lounging in all of Florida. Orlando’s nightlife scene continues to grow and prosper with the increasing tourism industry and Orlando is becoming a hotspot for nightlife in the Southeastern United States.

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If you’re visiting or Orlando, you’ll definitely want to visit some of the several nightlife hotspots in the Orlando area. If you are looking for company or cannot find company, you should consider hiring one of the high-class escorts available in Orlando.

Several upscale escort services will be able to assist you in finding some company for an evening out in Orlando. An escort in Orlando will accompany you to the restaurant, lounge, or club of your choice for a fun, exciting night exploring what Orlando has to offer at night.

On your night out, your escort will do what she can to ensure that your night is as enjoyable as possible. Your escort is there to make your experience as positive as possible, which is why spending a night with an escort always ends up in a good night. If you want to explore Orlando and need company don’t do it alone. An escort will make your night and overall experience much better.

Nightlife in Orlando

Tap & Grind – Tap and Grind is located in downtown Orlando and is widely considered to be one of the best venues to go to for beer. Tap & Grind features the largest selection of craft beer in Orlando and constantly rotates its beers with seasonal and new craft beers. Food is not offered at Tap & Grind so you’ll need to bring your own pizza from one of the nearby pizza shops.

As soon as you enter the bar, you’ll notice the bar has a laid-back, relaxed environment. Wooden tables with lamps litter the ever popular patio area, which fills up during the warm nights. Inside, you’ll notice the bar has an incredibly unique décor and ambience, which can only really be understood by actually seeing it. Otherwise, it’s just simply too difficult to put into words.

While the bar is primarily filled with beer lovers, even novice bar drinks will enjoy their time at Tap & Grind. The bartenders are incredibly friendly at Tap & Grind and are more than willing to help non-traditional beer drinkers find a craft beer that is similar to their taste.

For beer lovers, this is easily the go to spot in Orlando. You’ll find that the bar is generally quieter than most of the other bars in Orlando which is great for actual conversation with friends and other patrons in the bar. The bar and overall crowd are also incredibly laid-back and relaxed, which is the perfect environment if you’re not in the mood for the club scene.

The Imperial Wine Bar & Beer Garden – Another location for a quieter, relaxed evening is at The Imperial Wine Bar & Beer Garden in downtown Orlando. Inside the bar you’ll find the bar has a much more upscale and classier look. There is art around all of the walls of the bar and antique lighting brightens up the entire bar.

If you love wine you can rejoice because the Imperial Wine Bar has a massive selection of wines. Even if you are not very knowledgeable about wine, the friendly staff can help you choose one of their several wines based upon your taste and if you have food with you.

In addition to its excellent wine selection, The Imperial Wine Bar features a beer garden in the back outdoor patio section, which is opened when the weather permits. The beer garden features several craft beers on draft as well as several craft, domestic, and imported beers in bottles.

The overall vibe and atmosphere of The Imperial Wine Bar is laid back and relaxed and it is much quieter than most bars. You’ll find that a lot of the patrons here are small groups of friends or couples on a date looking for a relaxing evening out in Orlando.

The Imperial is one of the best wine and beer bars in all of Orlando. It has a classier, more intimate ambience and is perfect for a relaxing night out.

Tier Nightclub – Orlando has several nightclubs but few can compare to Tier Nightclub. As the name would imply, there are several different tiers inside Tier Nightclub with several VIP tables setup for bottle service and complete luxury in the hottest club in Orlando.

The main floor is massive and features a huge dance floor that can accommodate a few hundred people. There are several bars on the main floor, which make getting a drink very easy. However, drinks are a bit pricey, although that’s what you get for going to Orlando’s hottest nightclub.

If you want to truly experience Tier, then you’ll want to reserve one of the several VIP tables on one of the tiers inside the nightclub. Tier has arguably the best service staff in all of Orlando and will accommodate you and your party’s needs throughout the entire night. Bottle service is very expensive but the service and amazing atmosphere will more than make up for the price.

The hottest DJs in all of Orlando perform nightly at Tier Nightclub making it the go to spot for dancing and partying in Orlando. While there are several other clubs in Orlando, no club can simply compete with the incredible atmosphere, the young attractive crowd, or the perfect layout set up for partying and dancing.

The bottom line is this: if you want to party, dance, and drink in Orlando then you need to go to Tier Nightclub. If you go anywhere else without trying Tier, you’re doing yourself a disservice.