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Farrah Foster

+Fun and Light, Smart & Sassy…Elegant Charm.

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New York City

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“I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around.”
Elvis Presley

Farrah here…Here We Go Into Summer!

I’m thrilled to see you, meet you, and welcome the rest of 2024! Summer is going to be a wonderful season.

I’m a huge foodie and thrive on feeding the senses at all times food, wine, scent, and sound are basic necessities in my life. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and know my way around a winelist. Care to tell me your favorite? Want to get geeky about it?

I practice weight training and swimming to stay fit these days because it keeps my energy at optimal levels. I have an all-natural fit, strong but feminine body with the right amount of muscle. Any ‘leg’ men in the house?

I have immaculate hygiene and a penchant for fragrance because a person’s scent is their signature and one of my most prolific stimulants. I love film, reading, museums, and writing, particularly non-fiction works, fictional thrillers, and poetry.

Today is not for the undiscerning man or woman. I am 100% independent, 3x vaccinated (initial shots and booster), and health is extremely important to me. I have too much fun not to think about health! I have a healthy appetite for everything good, but try to keep my diet intact and clean.

I’m well-traveled to far-off countries and think the Europeans certainly know something about lifestyle, food, and drink.

I’m always attentive and into pure attraction and rewarding experiences that are easy-going and laid-back. I prefer longer engagements, as these have been my best experiences.

I am attracted to both men and women, and I look forward to it all. I believe I’m good with couples, as I practice empathy and enjoy delighting newcomers to experimentation in their relationships.

I prefer to be contacted via email initially to be sure my schedule can accommodate yours. I give preference to those who fill out my online form, and I can also travel to you.

I prioritize long, leisurely dates, degustation, and overnights.

You can also find me on P411 at P273258 and Twitter @FarrahFosterNYC.

The Look

Farrah Foster is a 5'10", curvy, 37 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


My interests include:

  • Dinners, Cocktails, Jazz Music & Comedy Clubs
  • Weights/Walking/Swimming
  • Wine and Bubbly
  • Theater/Movies
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • International Travel
  • Conversation
  • Dressing up & dressing down
  • Beauty, Holistic Treatments and Aromatherapy
  • A jeans fan, form-fitting and 1990’s high-waisted baggy
  • Fragrances…always fragrances
  • When contacting me, please provide a brief description of yourself, approximate time/date, and length of visit you are thinking about.
  • I priortize people who fill out my form, instead of vague, short emails.
  • Pre-booking is preferred as I can seldom accommodate same-day bookings due to an already busy schedule. 24-72 hours notice is best to secure our time. Please refer to my website for more details and information. Thank you, kindly! xx
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