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San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and seventh largest in the United States. It was the fastest growing city between 2000-2010 and is the southwestern corner of the urban region known as the Texas Triangle. The economy is diverse with a healthy health care, financial, oil, and tourism focused economy. The economy continues to prosper despite the stagnant economy and San Antonio’s local businesses have thrived. Today, San Antonio has a excellent nightlife scene much in part due to its booming economy.

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If you are planning a night out in San Antonio, you will definitely want to bring some company with you. If you cannot find company, you should consider hiring a San Antonio escort to go with you to your desired location.

There are several reasons to hire a San Antonio escort. First, your escort will make sure your needs are fully met during your time out so you can be guaranteed a good time. Second, your escort is someone new and exciting and it can be difficult to find good company. Third and finally there are several escorts in San Antonio, which means you can find an escort similar to your personal taste.

Hiring an escort in San Antonio is a great way to explore San Antonio with someone new and exciting. If you hire an escort for the night in San Antonio you can be assured your night will be filled with fun and excitement.

Nightlife in San Antonio

SoHo Wine & Martini Bar – Right in the heart of downtown San Antonio lies the SoHo Wine & Martini Bar, one of the best rated bars in San Antonio. As you can expect, SoHo is classier in design and sells both wine and martinis. Immediately upon entry, you’ll notice the classy décor and atmosphere the average crowd gives off each night. You’ll find the guests are generally classier and older — this isn’t the type of bar you find drunk 20-somethings at.

Despite being primarily a Wine and Martini bar, SoHo has several bottled beers as well as a few premium beers on draft. The price for beer is much more expensive than other bars but this isn’t the focus of SoHo so it should be expected.

The cocktails and martinis are what you go to SoHo for. The bartenders are all masters at the art of bartending and can create perfect cocktails each and every time. There are over 20 specialty cocktails some of which can be made with bourbon or tequila.

If you enjoy premium cocktails made by skilled bartenders, you’ll love SoHo. The vibe is much more relaxed than other bars and jazz & blues bands play almost every single weekend. As said before, this isn’t the bar to go to get drunk. Instead, this is the type of bar to enjoy a fine cocktail with a special someone or small group of friends.

The Brooklynite – If there were ever a “hipster” bar in San Antonio, it would be the Brooklynite. Also located in downtown, The Brooklynite is another perfect location to enjoy a fine cocktail made by excellent bartenders. It’s certainly not the best place for cocktails, but it certainly is top 3.

Inside, you’ll find unique décor including animal heads, crystal chandeliers, and elegant seating that makes you almost feel like you’re in a speakeasy. The crowd is diverse, despite the higher price of drunks. You’ll find twenty-somethings, adults in their 30’s, even older couples enjoying drinks at The Brooklynite. This crowd enjoys the fine cocktails although the crowd is much more laid-back. The mood is more intimate though so The Brooklynite is more of a place to take a special someone to enjoy a classier, romantic night out as opposed to trying to meet another single.

The drink quality is above average and the bartenders are among the best in San Antonio. The bar is fully stocked so you can pretty much order what ever you want and the bartender will ensure you have a perfectly crafted cocktail. There is no food served at the Brooklynite however there are food trucks outside which can deliver you food.

If you like fine cocktails and a quieter bar, you’ll love the Brooklynite. It is one of the more expensive bars in San Antonio but you pay for a higher quality drink. The locals love the Brooklynite and many first time guests quickly turn into repeat customers due to the awesome environment and great cocktails. The Brooklynite is well worth considering, especially if you enjoy unique and well-mixed cocktails.

Club Sirius – Club Sirius is ideally located right next to River Walk although it never becomes too filled with tourists. While Club Sirius has club in its name, it really has more of a dive bar feel than a nightclub. The bar has its famous “You Can’t be Sirius” Shot Challenge, which is the clubs’ specialty shot with over 100 shots on the menu. There is pretty much a shot for anybody’s taste and the shots are incredibly cheap, which goes along with the dive bar feel you would expect.

Since the prices are cheap, you’ll generally find the crowd is much younger than other bars in San Antonio. Beer is around $2.50 a draft and shots are about $4 and even cheaper during happy hour. On occasion, a local DJ will perform which really energizes the bar and sort of turns it into a club. TVs litter the bar as well, which makes Club Sirius the perfect spot to go watch a sports game.

If you’re a 20-something looking more for a party environment, then you’ll love Club Sirius. The drinks are incredibly cheap and the crowd is generally much younger, although it still is somewhat diverse. Best of all, the bar is not nearly touristy as you would expect, so locals can enjoy their time here at Club Sirius as well.