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Located in the heart of North Carolina lays Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital city and second largest city in the state. Part of the Research Triangle, Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Raleigh’s younger population fuels its economy and Raleigh features some of the state’s best restaurants, bars, and lounges. Today, Raleigh has some of the state’s best nightlife and is one of the region’s best cities to visit.

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If you are in Raleigh and want to spend a night out, you’ll want to have some company with you. If you are unable to find company in Raleigh, you should consider hiring one of the beautiful escorts in Raleigh.

There are several Raleigh escort companies that will be able to connect you with a beautiful escort in Raleigh. You and your escort will travel to your desired destination for a night of dancing, drinking, dining, or whatever else you would like to do in Raleigh.

Raleigh is one of the most unique and enjoyable cities to spend a night out in all of America. The city is diverse and cultured and there are an endless amount of things to do. Hiring an escort in Raleigh is just another way to spend a night out exploring the city with someone new and exciting. If you spend the night with a Raleigh escort, you can know you’re in for a great night out.

Nightlife in Raleigh

Capital Club 16 – If you are in the mood for some fine dining while enjoying a cocktail, then the Capital Club 16 is the perfect spot to go. Capital Club 16 features traditional dishes from North Carolina, especially the Raleigh area, which makes it a hot spot for locals to eat and enjoy a meal.

While the food is the primary feature of Capital Club 16, the drinks are just as good in terms of quality. The bartenders at Raleigh are excellent in crafting the several house cocktails as well as your traditional cocktails. The price for drinks are average priced compared to other places in Raleigh but the quality is excellent and therefore worth paying.

If you plan on going to Capital Club 16, make sure to either make a reservation or get there before the huge dinner rush hits. Capital Club 16 is one of the best-rated bars/restaurants in all of Raleigh and it fills up to capacity during the dinner hours every day. However, if you manage to make it in time and get a table, you’ll find the drinks are artfully crafted and the food to be cooked to perfection.

The Raleigh Times Bar – The Raleigh Times Bar is a traditional American bar located right in the center of downtown Raleigh. The bar looks small from the outside but in reality it is much bigger inside. During the warmer months, the rooftop opens up and allows guests to sit and lounge on the rooftop and see beautiful downtown Raleigh.

The bar itself features a great rotating beer selection with many beers coming from the local Raleigh area or North Carolina. Food is also served here and a variety of dishes can be ordered until 2am, which is close to when the bar closes. The food is well liked among locals and it’s considered to be among the best bar food in all of Raleigh.

The environment at Raleigh Times Bar is fairly laid back, even though the bar fills up with locals and tourists almost every night. You’ll find the best nights are during the summer months, when the rooftop is open and the crowd is slightly younger. If you like beer and good food then the Raleigh Times Bar is a great place to go with a group of friends to relax and enjoy some traditional American food and cocktails.

C Grace – Despite North Carolina’s rich tradition for beers, Raleigh has one of the best cocktail lounges in the region called C Grace. Located just a few blocks from center city Raleigh, C Grace is the go to spot for cocktails in all of Raleigh.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the bar is upscale in design with a velvet laden stage, small tables with candles for an intimate mood, and comfy brown leather seats at the curved bar. The mood is very cozy and intimate and the décor works perfectly with the live jazz band or live shows performed on a nightly basis to set a romantic mood.

The big attraction at C Grace is the cocktails. The bartenders at C Grace are easily the best in Raleigh and incredibly skilled at mixing cocktails. You’ll find that each cocktail you order is blended perfectly to create a unique tasting cocktail that will excite your taste buds.

The cocktails at C Grace are easily the best in Raleigh and the price is slightly higher to reflect that. However, the mood at C Grace is set perfectly for a couple to go out for a few drinks and enjoy a quiet, romantic evening which is what you’ll generally find the crowd to be like.

Foundation – Foundation is a relatively new bar in Raleigh that has a speakeasy, dive-bar type feel yet does it better. Foundation features brick walls, an old wooden bar, and might have some of the highest quality cocktails in all of Raleigh. Next to C Grace, Foundation has the largest selection of whiskeys and other fine liquors to sip on and enjoy.

The drinks are expensive but the bartenders masterfully craft the house cocktails to perfection and the bar strictly uses fresh ingredients every single drink. At Foundation, you simply won’t find poorly made drinks with an insignificant ingredient quality.

You’ll find the atmosphere to be laid-back and relaxed every night at Foundation. If you enjoy fresh cocktails and like to just hang out with some friends, you’ll love the Foundation. It’s easily one of Raleigh’s best hidden gems despite being one of the best places to go in Raleigh.