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As Maryland’s largest city, Baltimore is the premier spot for nightlife in Maryland. Baltimore’s ideal location near the water and its significant historical value makes Baltimore possess one of the most unique and diverse nightlife scenes in the surrounding area. Baltimore is home to several collages, which have grown and enhanced Baltimore’s growing nightlife scene.

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Nightlife in Baltimore

Get Down – Get Down is located right next to Fells Point, just off the harbor. Get Down has two floors with a dance area on the main bottom floor and premium tables on the second floor. Get down is one of the premium spots to party with other young, hip 20-somethings in Baltimore. It is by far one of the more energetic spots in Baltimore and frequently hosts special events with world-class DJs.

A massive LED lighted wall brightens up the entire club and sets the perfect tone for the club for the entire night. Premium tables are located on the second floor of the club and a few are located next to the dance floor. Bottle service can be purchased at these tables for a fairly affordable price and is an attractive option for a larger group of friends.

Get Down has some of the Baltimore’s best DJs perform on a regular basis. EDM, hip hop, top 40 hits, techno, and many other genres of music are played throughout the night and keep the mostly 20-something crowd energetic and dancing and partying. On occasion, break dancers will perform and even have competitions, which never fails to entertain the crowd.

Get Down should be considered a top option for anybody looking to party in Baltimore. Its environment is lively, its crowd is young and attractive, and bottle service is fairly affordable compared to other cities. A night at Get Down almost always ends in a fun night.

Voltage Night Club – Voltage Night Club is one of Baltimore’s true nightclubs. As the name would imply, Voltage Night Club has an incredibly energy level with the perfect lighting and sound system to energize and invigorate the crowd all night long. Voltage is also much larger than several other clubs in Baltimore, so it is one of the more popular nightlife options among the younger crowd.

Voltage has arguably the best service for VIP tables and bottle service. The prices are very competitive for premium bottles and the service is widely regarded as the most accommodating in Baltimore. The VIP tables sit right next to the main dance floor, which encourages socialization among the entire crowd.

Voltage also has some of the best specialty nights in Baltimore. Thursdays are called College Night and feature a glow party and an open bar for both men and women who are college students. Friday features Ladies’ Night, which provides an open bar for women all night. Saturday is called “Social Saturday”, which provides an open bar for men and women all night after paying the cover fee.

Voltage is exactly what its name implies — a high-energy nightclub. Its guests are attractive college students in their mid 20’s. Voltage is perfect for the younger crowd looking to party and dance to Baltimore’s best DJs flow through tracks all night.

The Depot – The Depot is one of Baltimore’s non-mainstream clubs/bars. The Depot is located in the Charles North part of Baltimore and has a very dive-bar like feel to it. This brings in an alternative, diverse crowd that is atypical from the normal club crowd.

The Depot is very dimly lit for a darker, more intimate atmosphere. The size of The Depot is fairly small and a good chunk of space is dedicated to the dance floor. A full stocked bar features premium liquor brands and the price of drinks is very affordable compared to other bars.

The music played at The Depot varies and specialty events are a regular occurrence at The Depot. The busiest night is Friday when The Depot fills with a diverse crowd dancing to the very best 80s music all night long. Other nights also fill the bar up as well by nothing compares to 80s night at The Depot.

If you’re looking for a quieter, alternative place to spend a night out in Baltimore, then The Depot is perfect. Local DJs lighten the mood with a variety of music, the drinks are cheap, and the crowd is diverse. What’s not to like about The Depot?

Red Maple – Red Maple is right in the middle of the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore. The crowd is younger, normally around college age when the club opens but before that an older, sophisticated crowd fills the lounge for dinner and cocktails.

Once the club opens, Red Maple transforms into a hip, high-energy nightclub with one of the younger crowds in Baltimore. An outdoor area is open when the weather permits and it is one of Red Maple’s finer attributes.

Inside Red Maple, the design is classy and modern. The décor is mostly black and white, and small lights illuminate the tables for a romantic, intimate setting. However, once you get to the dance floor, the club becomes high-energy and young singles pack the dance floor looking to party, dance, and to find a companion for the night.

Red Maple is one of Baltimore’s more romantic nightclubs. Its classy décor and better than average DJs perfectly compliment each other for an thrilling night out in one of Baltimore’s nicer clubs.