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Indianapolis is largest city in Indiana and the also serves as the state capital of Indiana. Forbes has rated Indianapolis as having one of the best downtowns in the United States citing “more than 200 retail shops, over 35 hotels, and over 300 restaurants, museums, art galleries, and other nightlife attractions.” This is why Indiana is considered to have the best nightlife in all of Indiana and you’ll be hard pressed to find the quality of nightlife venues as you would in Indianapolis.

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If you’re planning a vacation to Indianapolis, are new to the city, or are just bored, you need to experience the nightlife in Indianapolis. You’ll need a companion too and if you cannot find company to so with you, you should consider hiring an Indianapolis escort.

An escort in Indianapolis will accompany you to your desired restaurant, lounge, bar, or museum in Indianapolis. Several upscale escort services will match you with an escort in Indianapolis that meets your personal interests and you and your escort will be able to spend an evening at one of Indianapolis’ fine establishments.

Indianapolis is a lively, exciting city with so many different things to do and see. Hiring one of the fine escorts in Indianapolis will provide you a great companion to explore what Indianapolis has to offer. Your escort will make sure that all of your needs are met and that your night in Indianapolis will end up being the best experience you could possibly have.

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Fountain Square Brewing – Obviously located in Fountain Square, Fountain Square Brewing is one of Indianapolis’ most popular breweries. Indianapolis is filled with breweries all over the town but not compare quite to Fountain Square Brewing, one of the best rated Breweries in all of Indiana.

Fountain Square Brewing features several beers throughout the year but seasonal beers are among the best in the country. The Double IPA, Hop for Teacher, and Porter are among the favorites among the locals but there is several other beers available at any given time.

Inside the taproom, you’ll find a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Sundays are especially busy because several TVs play Colts games and the special is $5 Growlers. Plus, the décor and environment is perfect for watching football so if you have the chance to go on a Sunday, you will not be disappointed.

After you sample some of the fine beers on tap, you’ll probably want some food. While the brewery doesn’t offer food they do allow you to order pizza from a local pizza shop and have it delivered right into taproom. The pizza is generally delivered within a short time and most locals seem to like the pizza.

Overall, the Fountain Square Brewing features some of the best craft beers in all of Indianapolis making it a hot spot for beer drinkers. If you have the chance to go on a tour of the brewery and visit the taproom, take advantage of it. Fountain Square Brewing won’t disappoint.

Nicky Blaine’s – Nicky Blaine’s is one of the more upscale and classy lounges in Indianapolis. Nicky’s is a cigar bar and there are plenty in Indianapolis but none are quite as classy or upscale as Nicky Blaine’s.

As soon as you enter Nicky Blaine’s, you’ll get the feeling like you’re in a upscale bar from the 1960s. The bar is very dimly lit and features several nice leather couches and chairs around the entire lounge. The bar is predominately red which offers that warm, intimate feeling that you’d find in an upscale cigar bar. The sound of light jazz will remind you of the cocktail lounges of the 50s and 60s and it almost seems like Nicky’s was directly taken out of a scene from Mad Men.

Nicky Blaine’s features a large selection of premium cigars and the prices are reasonable for an upscale lounge. You can order of several signature house cocktails and traditional cocktails as well although this is not the type of bar you order a rum and coke. Nicky’s is all about being upscale and classy so expect to order a drink that fits the bill. Sure you are going to pay a bit more for cigars and drinks but this is what you should expect to pay in an upscale lounge.

The wait staff is incredibly knowledgeable at Nicky Blaine’s and will be able to help you pick out a cigar based upon your tastes. Your waiter will even cut the cigar and light it for you and are attentive throughout your entire stay.

Nicky Blaine’s is a great cigar bar and is the perfect spot to take a group of friends or date that doesn’t mind smoking. It is not the type of bar you buy cheap drinks or pound shots. It is the perfect bar for a few handcrafted cocktails for an intimate group of friends.

Bartini’s – Bartini’s is one of the few true nightclubs in Indianapolis and is arguably Indianapolis’ best nightclub. Bartini’s is located right in center city Indianapolis, so it is easy to get to and there are plenty of bars around the area to go for dinner before dancing and partying at Bartini’s.

Inside the club you’ll find the dance floor is large and open, which is perfect for the 20-something crowd looking to drink, dance and party. Drinks are fairly affordable for a club and some signature cocktails are the favorites among the young crowd.

Bartini’s also has a few VIP areas set up for special events or for groups just looking to enjoy the VIP treatment for a night. Bottle service is offered and it is obviously expensive, although not terribly expensive if the group splits the bill later.

Several of Indianapolis’ best DJs play at Bartini’s making it the go to spot to party. If you’re a 20-something looking to dance and party with other 20-somethings, then Bartini’s is the perfect place to go. Few places can compare to the energetic, lively atmosphere in Bartini’s, which is why it has remained the hottest club in Indianapolis for years.