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+Your devoted French companion back in New York City.

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Enchanté Mademoiselle,

In a world that can so often feel lonely and lacking connection, I look forward to no longer being strangers. That being said, I aim to please the true sapiosexual. What you will find with me is a warm, gentle, and most genuine confidant. Someone who deeply desires and takes pleasure in providing comfort and intimate affection with an effortless air of familiarity.

I have a dominating, firm stature standing at 6’2”. My Mediterranean features are dark and I have a warm olive complexion with bright and inquisitive brown eyes. I take great pride in my appearance and despite not having the typical bodybuilder physique, I faithfully spend several hours each day in the gym working on my strength and endurance. Whether it be training on weightlifting or rock climbing, the gym is a passion of mine that I find truly calming and fulfilling.

If you’re willing to seize this moment, I trust you’ll find in me a friendship that will be your most satisfying indulgence. One of the differences between everyone else and myself is the passion and intimacy I share with each and every encounter. Words can only describe so much, you have to come and enjoy to believe.
Until then feel free to browse through my website and write me any inquire that you may have.
Warmest Regards,

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Raphael Bel-Ami is a tall 26 year old caucasian man with black hair and brown eyes.

He is available for Women, and Couples.

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