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Transgender (TS)

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Ohhh look squirrel

Something brought you here. I could conjecture endlessly about what precisely that might be, but that might make for better dinner conversation down the road. For now, let’s assume you’re wondering what kind of woman you’ve stumbled upon. My personality is at once playful, warm, quirky, sweet, and down-to-earth. At my core, I’m enthralled with the world and just about everything in it.

My unquenchable curiosity makes me want to discover what makes you tick, if you’re open enough to let me in.

Honestly, I’d love nothing more than to get to know you and all of your idiosyncrasies. Perhaps even more honestly, I want you to wander out of our time together with a bounce in your step and a mind flooded with memories that you’ll replay until we meet again. I thrive on opportunities to skip past the superficiality of every day exchanges and go straight to the juicy stuff - the genuineness that we tend to hold back from in polite company.

You can find an abundance of recent, accurate photos of me in numerous pockets of the Internet. I’m 5’6” with a slender frame, long legs, and feminine curves that fit perfectly in your hands. My blonde hair cascades down past my waist, and my large blue eyes sparkle with each effervescent smile. I tend to dress with alluring femininity and a style that’s uniquely my own. I hit the gym regularly, adding evident tone to my physique. My fair skin is adorned with black-and-gray artwork - nature motifs that flow with my curves.

P.S. Do you ever wish you had something visual to remember an exhilarating experience by? Ask me about sessions with photo/video!

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Lexi Faux is a 5'6", slender, 22 year old caucasian with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, Groups, and Non Binary.




Dystopian sci fi, weird art, vegan donuts, cooking, live music, snapping cute pics, wandering in nature, camping (if you whisk me off to sleep under the stars, I’ll adore you forever), Pilates, Danish mid century furniture, houseplants, video games, and cats!


I prioritize building lasting connections with elite gentlemen I can grow with – longer dates are more suited to the experience I want to share with you.

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