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We all need a little sweetness in our lives

As a hand knocks on the door and the handle turns, your heart leaps.

In the doorway we stand, for a moment, and then time resumes.

We talk, over dinner, across the room. I smile a wicked little grin.

Your eyes don’t know where to focus; you’re surprised by the intensity of my gaze. I’ve been asked how I seem so experienced. The answer is simple: I’ve always pursued my passions, pleasure chief among them

There’s a reason why you’re here, why you’re reading this.

We all need a little sweetness in our lives, and I am an expert at wish-fulfillment.

I want to learn with you; I want to show you the depths and heights that can be reached when you share a day with a beautiful girl with an open mind and a shameless smile. I want you to feel good, to feel cared for.

I know just a little bit about nearly everything, with a voracious appetite to learn more. I’m an accomplished painter, avid reader, and stellar to mediocre video gamer, depending on the genre. I’d love to hear more about whatever has been rolling around in your head lately.

I have a soft spot for sweet treats; if you’re sweet to me, I’ll be doubly sweet to you. Kindness is the attribute I am most attracted to. I’m lucky to be lavishly spoiled on a regular basis; if you have a generous heart, you’ll sneak your way into mine.

In order to meet, we’ll first need to greet. Many of your questions can be answered on my website. You can find my schedule, etiquette guide and engagement information as well as many galleries of photographs and videos. I receive an enthusiastic amount of email, so clear communication and screening up front is a must.

Send me a little note via my contact page or directly to my email; if you earn my favor, we’ll be plotting a rendezvous in no time. I travel internationally constantly, so feel free to be in touch even if you’re not sure we’re in the same place right now!

The Look

Liara Roux is a 5'3", slender, all natural, 27 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


To get a real taste of my passions, I recommend reading a bit of my blog or following me on twitter!

Reading has been my most consistent passion; I don’t go a day without reading something new. From science fiction to non-fiction, I’ve read something from nearly every genre. At the moment, books that challenge traditional notions of literary device are my favorite; I love a clever little post modern treat.

I’ve spent some time dabbling with oil painting and studying art history. I’m one of those silly people who can endlessly walk through museums, mouth agape.

I also thoroughly enjoy video games. I tend more towards turn-based strategy games, like Civilization, but have become more open-minded of late.


My rates are listed on my website:

I am passport ready! If I’m not in your city, but you long to see me, let me know where you’re from; I’d love to arrange a private fly-me-to-you date.

I can only be contacted through email. If you’d like a response, in your first message, please include your full name, number, and what type of appointment you are looking for, as well as references or your workplace information for background checking. You can also find me on P411. I am always discreet, I’m sure you understand.

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