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“If all we have is each other, then that is enough. The moments that bring us together are enough.” Mademoiselle Bourgogne.

With origins from the South of France, and Central Africa, I am the perfect mix culture, grace, class, and poise. Having achieved my Baccalaureate degree in the healthcare field, and being enrolled in a graduate program, I dare to add intelligence to my ever growing list of adjectives. I enjoy art, photography, everything gourmandise (I like to think of myself as quite the chef!) I enjoy theatre, picnics, travel, and oh just the finer experiences in life. An avid Robb Report reader, I can come up with a number of things for us to do, and I am just a few passport stamps away from being a full-time contributor at Condé Nast. HA!

So for the adventurer in you who wants to listen to jazz over fine wine with a view, or get lost in conversation and laughter, break-away from your daily stressors, and dip your toes into exotic waters that seem foreign at first, I am here to tell you, you cannot go it alone. On your arm should be a lady like me, an equal thrill seeker, a fellow adventurer. A lady whose grace takes over the room, but you alone will know what storm lies beneath this calm.

Come with me, may we dance together!

The Look

Khandi Bourgogne is a 5'7" 25 year old black woman with medium length black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Dinner dates, long walks, romantic picnics, travel (national and international), shopping, Jazz clubs, soccer, respectful suitors, any wines from Burgundy, France!


*All booking information and more available on my site.

*Screening is a MUST.

*Longer dates will always take priotity and are highly encouraged!

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