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Hi, I’m Cara, an Ivy League–educated, down-to-earth poet and dining companion in New York City. I have a disarming smile, and my friends say the aura of a bookish pop star.

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Currently in NYC!

As a bright-eyed optimist, I take pleasure in every wondrous aspect of existence. When I’m not cozied up writing in a coffeehouse or wandering the aisles of a bookstore, I’m gathering material for my next poem—which is where you come in. I see my poetry as an extension of my sensuality, a way to relive the taste and feel of life as my tongue shapes every word. Every poet needs a muse and I find every part of a good date inspiring.

Picture it with me.

It’s a New York City night. Spring is just around the corner. There’s a hint of green on the Japanese maples and some tight pink buds on the cherry blossoms nearing opening, but your breath still blooms like it’s winter in the air.

Tomorrow, you have business to attend to. Tonight, though, you have a date. With me. Cara. You found me the other day, your eyes lingering on a slender yet curvy figure, you wanted to know more; when you imagined my eyes looking into yours you knew you had to meet me for yourself.

You wonder what I’m like in person.

You think you could like me: a mid-twenties graduate student who runs in the morning, studies in the afternoon, and heads to the museum before retiring home to luxuriate in a hot bath. I have a date tonight too, you know, and I like to take my time getting ready: some bubbles in my bath, Dickinson propped in the caddy, a little Johnny Cash in the air, a silk robe draped over a chair, waiting.

You wonder, too, about my story.

How long did I spend hiking through Eastern Europe? How many years did I live abroad? How good is my French?

As you near your destination your heart quickens.

You open the door. At first, you don’t see me. Then, you do: first, a bit of red lipstick on the rim of my wine glass, then the hand that sets it down, then the lips themselves, then my eyes, a little shine in them like I’m just emerging from a beautiful daydream as I rise to greet you.

The Look

Cara Vespertine is a 5'5", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love sipping a silky red wine while sitting in a dark booth at an upscale bar. I relish sliding into heels, their clipped beat on the sidewalk as I head to a show. There are few things I enjoy more than pairing sparkling conversation with a delicious dinner in a candlelit restaurant.

My biggest passion however, is travel.

Morocco, Ecuador, Nepal and Iceland are just a few of the places I’ve journeyed to. I’ve partied in Mykonos, summited several of the seven, and dived the reefs and wrecks of Aruba. While I’m no novice to international adventure, there’s so much more of the world to see and I find traveling exceptionally pleasurable with an intriguing companion by my side.

As a traveler, you will find me open-minded, easygoing and enthusiastic. My wanderlust runs deep and my curiosity takes many forms. While I love posh hotel suites, silk robes, and Michelin Stars, I also adore cozy cabins, oversized backpacks and cute bistros.


For the quickest of replies please send emails to the address listed below.

Please keep in mind that I am a dining companion, and I am incredibly selective about who I spend time with so please be courteous and discreet throughout our correspondence.

For screening, I require two references from established independent providers, your full name and employment information. I provide a discreet and unpublished email address for identity verification. Screening is non-negotiable.

Cara x


1H: 2000

1.5H: 2400

2H: 2800

3H drinks: 3500

4H dinner: 4000

5H dinner & drinks: 5000

6H dinner & drinks: 6000

14H overnight: 8000

18H overnight: 10,000

24H: 12,000

48H: 20,000

72H: 30,000

1 week: 60,000

In date extensions: 1000 per additional hour

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