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Thank you for reading, my name is Ayline and I’m a Switch with a near decade of experience. I offer top quality sessions and present myself with the utmost dignity and respect. I have done almost every session you can imagine, so do not worry about if I may present inabilities with your future request. Please send an email to receive the list of sessions I offer.

Besides my professional experience, I am quite unique; a sure treasure. I am gifted with the craft of creativity (particularly writing) and empathy. I am working towards the finalization of personal projects to prepare them for publishing, while simultaneously creating a draft for a following project.

On the other hand, I am a student pursuing psychology which ties into my spiritual nature. I lead my life with spirit, and I have the capabilities to help others who may be seeking a warm intuitive shoulder to lean on.

Below you will find a list of things to receive during our future meetings:

  • Sure delivery in relation to shared interest
  • Mental escape from the mundane
  • Flawless execution
  • Positive feedback
  • Consideration
  • Patience
  • Loving and respectful attitude

In closing I have provided a poem in which I have tried to describe myself in metaphorical formatting.

Goddess in human Flesh
I’m in constant motion; changing, evolving and transforming. I’m fluid like water, swift as a drunken night. Firm as a mortar in painful hands, but equally as gentle as the butterfly that distorts your vision as I speak. Dance with me in the dark and I’ll watch you fall in love with who I’ll pretend to be.
Who is she?
I’m a dark angel harboring Nina’s pain in a heart as soft and sweet as Amy
I’m dancing to Chopin in room full of books as my holographic suitor records me in a distance
I’ll read you all of the things that I write before I shred them in a rage of the unbearable itch for perfection
I’ll love you and leave you confused as to who I really am
“Which one of her am I in love with?”
My skin is black, my eyes are black, and my Mom calls me a drama Queen
The truth is, she’s usually right before I admit it
There’s a ton of creativity in such little time
It’s always time to start a new project, and never enough to finish the old one
The world keeps twirling, and they scream at me to stay still!
Seems like they’re the insane ones
Let me finish what I started
What am I like?
I’m like a blind man with a palm full of diamonds

The Look

Goddess Ayline is a 5'6", slender, 25 year old ebony woman with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.





Trying new healthy foods

Working out

Exploring new places





Please visit my website for further information.

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