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+All-Natural Tantrika & Sensuous Healer

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I long to tend to the aspects of you that may not have an opportunity to thrive elsewhere…

We are both seeking connection, warmth, and com[passion]. I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

Our time together is an escape from the chaos and stress of daily life into a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. I’m here to connect with your spirit, intoxicate your senses, and illuminate your earthly anatomy with my euphoric touch.

A seasoned reiki and tantra practitioner, I specialize in clearing inhibition and energetic stagnation so that our authentic selves may meet, co-create, and flourish.

We are each unique beings deserving of affection, care, and pleasure. Nurturing our sensuality is the antidote to almost anything that may plague us. It is the key to accessing authentic joy, love, freedom, and heightened pleasure, which then improves the quality of all other relationships and our overall wellbeing.

Tantra is a sacred practice that helps us shift from a goal-oriented mindset to one of surrender and presence. By slowing down, connecting with our breath, and tuning in to our internal energetic flow we are able to enjoy sublime and sustained levels of somatic and spiritual sensation…

I most enjoy the company of other kind-hearted and genuine souls who share an inclination for sensuous connection. I also have a deep appreciation for nature in all its various forms, including the unadulterated human body. Therefore, you should be prepared to meet a divinely feminine, all-natural and fresh-faced woman with no body modification surgery, natural body hair (armpit and pubic), and an eagerness to celebrate every aspect of your unique and beautiful human form.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about myself and my practice, I’m always happy to share with you!

The Look

Ava Lux is a 5'8", curvy, 28 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, and Non Binary.




I’m desirous of experiences that inspire whimsy and passion - that allow us both to feel fully present in body, open in heart, and attuned to the depth and beauty of genuine human connection.

We connect and co-create through tantra and sensuous kink. I am experienced and gifted in many realms, and encourage you to discuss any of your interests with me.


Advance booking and screening is always required. I welcome all who are genuine, kindhearted, and respectful.

Please read my website before requesting a session with me. Introduce yourself by sending a message to avaluxmassagenyc@protonmail.com with your name, references, session preference, and availability.

Untill we meet… <3

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