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+For 8 Hrs a Day I am a Leggy Elite Runway Model - Then I Wake Up!

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If you have dated a redhead, raise your glass. If you have not-raise your standards.

…in actuality, I am a cheeky Irish lass, standing short at 5’5” with am ample booty and all natural physique. Called an “anomaly” for this industry; I’m a full time white collar professional, chamber musician and world traveled with a background in documentary film-making before corporate life took over. “Melinda-ing” has always been a part time pleasure and I mesh well with like professional gentlemen who understand discretion and the escape from the mundane. I adore meeting new friends!

The Look

Melinda Madison is a 5'5", curvy, all natural caucasian woman in her early 40's with long red hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men only.


As a former professionally trained chef, I adore fine dining! and the fun food truck! I am more of a girl that loves to scuba dive caverns with you (and well-trained to do so) than simply sit on a beach in my bathing suit. healthy lifestyle and a former competitive athlete- I veer on the side of adventure- even if it is simply within the confines of my mountain view lift here in Colorado. My maturity has yielded a drama-free life, calm and confidence that allows me to truly pamper my friends and assure them of a safe haven.

(I adore gifts of adventure. Southwest gift cards, camping and mountain gear and biking gear btw)

My physique (former competitive athlete in endurance sports and fitness) ranges from “bounce a quarter off my stomach” to “Sh&#” I need an extra 50mis on the bike” but I’m all natural, no tattoos and have kept myself wonderfully surgery free with a healthy lifestyle and habits. for more info.


I book on a one-on-one basis by request. Please send me a polite introduction after reading my website and especially the reservations page. Check out my Twitter to know more about me and recent candids. @Melinda Madison and simly be a gentleman…a sweet…forthcoming honest gentleman. Playing “James Bond” in communication is not sexy (unless you are Daniel Craig himself) and puts me at ease with whom i am conversing with. You’ll find me quite amiable and warm if you do so.

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