Independent Escorts


Independent Escorts

The escort industry is primarily dominated by escort agencies that connect clients with escorts of their liking. However, this is not the only way to hire escorts. Over the past few years, a growing number of independent escorts now offer their services without the use of these agencies. For the girls there are a few advantages:

More money: Agencies take away their cut for connecting the escort to the client. Independent escorts get to charge whatever they want and get to pocket all the money for themselves.

More freedom: Agencies have some control over when their escorts have to work and when they do not. Independent escorts can take on whomever they desire as clients and when they want to work.

Hiring an independent escort

One clear disadvantage for independent escorts is that finding work can be more difficult. If you want to hire an independent escort, you can’t just simply call an agency and hire an escort within ten minutes. As a client, it does take some more time and effort.

Thankfully, the Internet has made finding independent escorts much easier and now you can find several websites that host independent escorts and sites like Craigslist also allow escorts to post ads.

Why you should hire an independent escort over agency escorts

There are a few clear advantages for you as to why you should hire an independent escort over an agency escort. Here are a few reasons why you should hire independent escorts over agency escorts:

Independent escorts are more flexible: Independent escorts don’t have someone telling them they need to be here at “x” time, for “y” long with “z” client. As mentioned before, independent escorts can work whenever they want and take on whomever they want as clients.

This freedom allows them to be more flexible. Many independent escorts even are willing to travel to different cities so you can hire their services almost whenever you want, provided they accept you as a client.

Best Cities for Independent Escorts

While you can hire an independent escort in almost any city, there are some cities that have a much larger percent of independent escorts. Here are the best cities for hiring independent escorts:

Las Vegas: Sure you could say that Las Vegas has any type of escort but believe it or not most escorts work independently in Vegas. If you’ve ever been to Vegas then chances are you’ve seen dozens of cards lying on the street from escorts who pass their business cards around to gain clients. Vegas is by far the best city to go to for independent escorts due to sheer volume. It doesn’t help there are endless places to take an escort either.

Kansas City: It probably comes as a surprise to think that Kansas City is a great place to hire an independent escort but it is true. Kansas City is a rapidly growing city that has plenty of new wealth coming into the city. Only the wealthy can hire escorts, which is partly why Kansas City is such a hotbed for independent escorts. The other reason is probably because most agencies have long overlooked Kansas City as a place for escorts.

Miami: Like Vegas, Miami has a huge number of escorts. It makes sense too — Miami is warm, sunny, and has some of the best nightlife venues in the United States. What independent escort wouldn’t want to go there for the right place? The answer is none. Miami is the perfect location for independent escorts and unlike other cities, its warm climate makes it a year round destination to hire independent escorts.

New York City: New York is obviously on this list because well, it’s New York. Quite frankly, there isn’t a single thing you cannot find in New York City, including escorts. While agencies are all over New York City, there are still hundreds of high-class independent escorts. Plus, pretty much any escort from around the country would be willing to travel to New York City anyways.

Washington D.C.: The escort industry thrives in Washington D.C. and its well known that D.C. is one of the best places in the country for high-class escorts. Many escorts in D.C. work independently and you’ll find some of the most beautiful independent escorts are based in D.C.

Hiring an independent escort has many clear advantages and if you’re not finding success with agency escorts, perhaps a switch to independent escorts is needed. Pretty much every major city has independent escorts so it shouldn’t be hard to find one of your liking with too much effort.

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