Generally speaking, working as an escort means you don't have to worry much about not finding business or running into any serious interruptions in your cash flow. Fortunately for all ladies in the industry, we are typically exempt from dips in the economy and other factors which oftentimes lead to the decline of business for other professionals.

However, that doesn't mean that independent escorts can't branch out and make even more money from related business models. In fact, there are several additional ways that escorts can start generating some supplemental income that are all fairly easy to get started with and today we'll look at a few of the most common.

  • Phone sex operators and phone actresses. This one is a perfect fit for any escort who doesn't mind being vocally explicit over the phone. Even if you're not the most brave of personality types, there is no face-to-face anxiety to overcome when working as a phone sex operator. There are dozens of companies online you can apply with and get started with after sending in the appropriate documentation. Typically you'll be asked for a scanned image of your government issued ID to verify your age and eligibility to work in the United States. You'll also need a landline to work as a phone sex operator, no cell phones are allowed. Most companies manage the time you spend working online and the position offers lots of flexibility for your schedule. Obviously it's important to have a quiet and private space where you can work from when you are taking calls from customers, but that's about all you need to start making money as a phone sex operator. Be sure to mention that you have experience working as an escort when asked on the application, as this is sure ot bump you to the top of their list.
  • Selling your undergarments. This one might seem a bit strange, but there are actually tons of guys out there who are willing to part with their cash in exchange for worn panties. Doing a quick Google search for "sell worn panties" will yield a surprisingly long list of online marketplaces for just that! Not only is this super easy to get started with, but you can also consider advertising on a local basis and may even want to offer a delivery service for an extra fee. The customer could pick the panties (color, type, etc) and you can show up wearing them, then remove them upon arrival and sell them to the customer. Just be sure to wear a skirt or dress for easy removal. I'd be willing to bet that you could make some serious cash by doing something like this.
  • Creating and selling adult video content. While you can always go the traditional route and research how to get started with porn films, this isn't for everyone (even some escorts might not be as comfortable doing this as pornstars). However, thanks to the internet there are other options that basically involve the same activities. I suggest doing a Google search for "sell my adult videos" to find a starting point. This is a great option to explore if you like the idea of being your own porn film director instead of having to work on the set of someone else's production.
  • Web cam modeling. This one is similar to the last item on the list, though the income it generates is far less passive than selling films you've already recorded. Web cam modeling is in high demand and there is no shortage of companies who you can apply with and start working for almost immediately. Just be warned that most big sites such as require their models to work in their free rooms at least some of the time. I have some very limited experience with that site in particular, and it became obvious to me rather quickly that to be successful with cam modeling, you're going to have to put in some time learning how these sites work and how to use them to your advantage.

As you can see, the skills you use working as an escort definitely overlap with several other types of work in the adult industry. Take some time researching your options and read reviews for any company you consider working with. There is tons of information available on the web to help you out here, so start searching and bookmarking now if you need extra cash for a vacation, getaway or extra bills that need paying.