The world is made up of exhibitionists and voyeurs. Many of us crave attention and sexual attention kicks us into high gear. The ease of online and text photo sharing has created an onslaught of availability for the fast exchange of intimate images far and wide. I'm here to help you out. Before you push send, read this post. It might save you a lot of embarrassment and even get you a step closer to showing her your business live and in person. (disclaimer: this post does not apply to gay men.)

Photos of dicks are about as useful as photos of a sandwich. I love me some sandwiches, but I can't eat it through a screen!î - a smart woman

Just don't do it!
I'm completely 99.9% serious right here. You've recently met a nice/sexy/hot woman, you're chatting online or via text. Maybe you're getting a little turned on by the thought of meeting, and you actually want to meet someday. DO NOT send a dick pic just because you think it will excite her, it won't. If she's not already turned on, an unsolicited picture of your business is not going to make it happen. Much more likely this will turn her off, and your picture will end up posted in a private group on Facebook, or a public website where her friends will laugh at you for sending this overreaching image. I repeat DO NOT send unsolicited pictures of your dick, if she really wants it she'll ask for it, explicitly.

What if she asks?
First, we must be sure of what she asked, did she say send me a pictureî? This is not asking for a picture of IT, this is just asking for ïa picture' and now is not the time to assume. Did she say let me see your (insert euphemism for penis here)î? If so, you still need to think before you send. In the rare case where a woman has asked for an image of your most private parts, please consider the second to last sentence in the paragraph above. Do you have a fetish for being humiliated? If she asked outright there's a small chance she plans to keep the image for personal use, and never show another soul. There's a larger chance she plans to post it, or otherwise share it with her friends. No such thing as being too careful here. If you jump the gun, your in person opportunity could be lost forever.

Now that you've weighed the risks and you still want to send a picture read on.

Get it as hard as possible
There are very few exceptions to this hard rule. If your dick looks good dangling in a bathroom mirror shot or spread across your leg with the tip artfully just outside of the photo a la Kanye West, by all means give it a try. Be aware that if she's ready for a picture of the goods, she's probably imagining and anticipating it being all it can be. Don't let her down, get your man up at full attention! If she's eager to see the business, a hard member will really get her juices flowing, a semi - not so much.

Get a good angle
An appealing shot does not always come on the first try. Check some different angles. If you can get some other body parts in the mix even better. Thighs and stomach are enticing too. Don't just pull it through the hole in your boxers. Think sexy!

Don't expect a dirty image back
Just because you got bold and sent a photo, even if she explicitly asked, don't expect her to drop trow and return the favor. If she does, bless her soul! But if she doesn't you can't get upset, at least she's entertained your image. Maybe she's shy, maybe she's busy ïtaking care of herself' and doesn't want to take a photo with a sticky hand. Whatever it is you have to respect her wishes to share with you or not. If you get pissy now, she's not going to want to meet up later and you might completely blow it. If she says noî try responding with something like, that's ok beautiful, I can only imagine how gorgeous it is. Maybe someday if I'm lucky...î

A little mystery can go a long way. Some women might disagree with this post, that might be because they want to keep showing your dick pix to their friends and coworkers. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Whatever happened to leaving some mystery...îæ- a smart man