We’re only guaranteed this one life. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

I’m obsessed with optimizing anything and everything that I can. I optimize my sleep with an Oura ring. I optimize my fitness with an Apple watch. I optimize my blood sugar with a Levels monitor. I optimize my career by supplementing civilian work with discreet companionship. I optimize my pleasure through a combination of kegels, healthy living, self-discovery, and choosing only respectful suitors who value my company so dearly that they’ll pay steeply for it.

Again, we may only have this one life. Why not make the most of it?

If you’re a client seeing companions, especially at a higher price point, your time is very valuable. You likely have a demanding career and you may even have a family and/or time-consuming hobbies. Any time you set aside for companion dates is precious. It’s far too precious to gamble on a mediocre experience. Here’s how you can ensure that you have great dates each and every time you make a booking.

Prepare - Self discovery

The most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned when it comes to sexual satisfaction is that the ability to achieve great orgasm with a partner begins with the ability to achieve great orgasm by yourself. You can’t go into partnered sex having never masturbated before and expect them to learn what makes your body feel good when you couldn’t figure it out yourself in XX years. The same applies to the holistic experience of a date.

Take time to sit with the question - what do you hope to get out of your companion date? Go deep. It may turn out that all you’re looking for is a private conversation with a beautiful woman, but often there’s more beyond that.

Maybe you’re looking for someone to listen. Maybe you’re lacking human connection. Maybe you’re feeling burnt out on your routine and are hoping for some excitement to shake things up. Maybe you want an experience where you can just be yourself without the judgment and pretense of your usual life. Maybe you need to set down the weight of others’ expectations for a few hours and just be you - not a boss, not a husband, not a father, just you.

The self-discovery step is the most important prep work you will do. What you learn will guide what sort of companion you choose - a wild alt chick, a sweet girl next door, a glam luxury doll. What you learn will guide the sort of experience you book - a quick hour, a leisurely lunch, a connected overnight, or even a multi-day escape. What you learn will guide what activities you plan for your date - fine dining, a show, games at an arcade, a spa visit, a trip to a casino, a dance lesson, or anything else.

It can also be helpful to share what you seek with your chosen companion at the beginning of your date. This will save her the time spent rediscovering what it is you’re looking for, and will ensure that she can do her best to fulfill your wishes.

Prepare - Research

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to go out there and find it. Companions are individuals and choosing the right companion for you goes so far beyond picking a body type and hair color.

Research your chosen companion. A lot of independent companions will share their personalities, interests, and musings via a twitter account, a personal blog, or other social media. Are you looking for someone warm? Should she have a sense of humor? Or do you prefer an aloof personality, someone with whom the chase is the thrill?

Should she be well educated, your intellectual match for an evening rich in conversation? Or are you seeking someone with a background different from your own?

Prepare - Win her over

You’ll have a better experience with your companion if she genuinely likes you than if she doesn’t. Companionship is the business of connection and, while many companions make convincing actresses, genuine goodwill has warmth that can’t be faked.

Align yourself with your companion and bring her onto your team before you even meet by making a positive first impression with a respectful, complete, discreet inquiry. Include all your screening information in the first email, don’t be explicit, and remember that written communication should be treated as the public sphere. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your accountant.

Prepare - Day of

On the day of your date, prepare by making yourself an attractive date. This does not have anything to do with your body size, fitness, or facial symmetry. Rather, it’s all about hygiene.

Brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. Shower thoroughly and towel dry everywhere. Groom your facial hair. And, finally, don’t imbibe mind-altering substances. Don’t spoil what could be a great date by being inebriated for it. You’ll want to remember every moment.

Give yourself enough time

We’ve all gotten a booking request from someone who had a laundry list of situations he wanted to experience… but only booked an hour. Be realistic about how long things take and factor in travel between a restaurant and hotel, time for outfit changes if you’re requesting them, and time to chat, shower, etc. If you can afford to book more time, it’s always better to find yourself with the luxury of surplus time than to find yourself rushing when you come up short.

I, and many of my peers, have found that dates of 3+ hours are far superior experiences to shorter dates. 3+ hour dates allow ample time for a social and a private component, allowing the connection to build into something meaningful and, through that, all the more delightful.

Tear up the checklists

Dates aren’t grocery runs or ‘honey do’ errands. They’re opportunities to explore with another human being. Don’t go into a date with a checklist. In the end, your satisfaction isn’t going to be defined by any number of lewd acronyms, it’s going to be about how well you and your companion connected. Checklists stand in the way of connection and dehumanize both you and your companion, while simultaneously devaluing the experience you’ve paid top dollar for.

Become a regular

You’ve had your date and hit it off with your companion. That’s great! It also doesn’t have to be the end - connections grow deeper over time and that’s as true of client-companion relationships as it is of any others. The most satisfying dates you have will be dates with someone you’ve gotten to know over a series of dates, who has also gotten to know you. If you like your companion, book her again!

Having a great date shouldn’t be left up to chance. By employing these tips, you can ensure that all of your companion experiences are experiences you look back on fondly. Have fun, and stay safe!

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