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Why Hire A Pornstar Escort?

(This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not imply the services described are available by entertainers advertising on this website)

Most men watch erotica in their lifetimes, and enjoy the sexiness and beauty of women having sex on camera. It's often times not the type of sex they have in their own lives, rarely offered by their spouses, and it will never be more than a dream to 99.9 percent of the men throughout the world.

Almost every adult watches some form of adult entertainment nowadays and both men and women fantasize about spending a night with their one or more of their favorite pornstars. What if you were told that you could hire your favorite pornstar as an escort? Chances are you’d be interested in fulfilling that ultimate dream that only existed previously on your TV screen or computer monitor.

Research has shown that the adult film industry is slowing dying, with DVD sales and Internet subscriptions declining every single year since 2002. Due to the decline of money in the business, many adult entertainers are now offering escort services to their fans to supplement their lack of regular film work.

If you do a search of your favorite adult performer or model, chances are she probably offers escorting services if she’s available. Not every pornographic actress offers escorting services but a large percentage do. Some adult actresses (and actors!) find escorting gigs via an agency while others are independent and  advertise online on high quality directory sites. Depending on your goals, you can choose between agencies and professional vip independent models.

Famous Pornstar Escorts

There are thousands of pornstars around with every type of body size, race, physical features, etc. While hundreds of adult stars offer escort services, you may not know whether or not your favorite pornographic star does or not. Many mainstream and well-known porno actresses do offer their services, which include the following vip adult stars:

Jynx Maze: Jynx Maze first entered the porn industry in 2010 when she was only 19 years old. This Irish and Peruvian starlet has taken the adult scene by storm. Despite only four years in the industry, Jynx Maze has been nominated for ten AVN awards and is considered to be one of the hottest film stars in the adult industry right now.

Melanie Rios: Melanie Rios is a Columbian sex on film star  that entered the industry in 2009 at the age of 18. Since then, she has appeared in over 90 movies and has been nominated for two AVN awards and two XBIZ awards. Her popularity continues to grow and she was rated #32 in the “100 Hottest Porn Stars Right Now” in 2011.

Lexi Diamond: Similar to her counterparts, Jynx Maze and Melanie Rios, Lexi Diamond entered the porn industry at the age of 18 and instantly became a fan favorite. She’s appeared in several adult films and has appeared in many different types of scenes. Her popularity has taken off over the past year and she is highly regarded among her peers as one of the film stars of the future.

Alexis Grace: Few pornstars have the experience of Alexis Grace. She’s appeared in over 150 films and many of her films are thought to be some of the best adult films currently being produced. With the beauty of a goddess and warm and friendly personality, Alexis Grace is the perfect pornstar companion for any man.

Popular Pornstar Escort Cities

Obviously Los Angeles is the epicenter of the adult entertainment industry and therefore has no small amount of escorts willing and able to provide the porn star experience but it's not the only city in North America where famous film escorts live.

Las Vegas, being the party center of the universe, is no stranger to rich and famous and people looking to do fabulous things with fabulous people, and sometimes these celebrities earn their living working on film. Take a look at the high roller table at any Las Vegas casino, you might be surprised who you recognize. What happens in Las Vegas, Nevada stays there though so don't let your loose lips sink these Las Vegas escorts' ships.

London is another city rife with gorgeous entertainers and with a blossoming adult film scene, you won't be shocked to learn that some of these lovely ladies double dip across industries. Many of the most attractive escorts London have done some film work at some point or another.

Why you should hire a pornstar escort

It is true that pornscorts are generally much more expensive than a regular escort. However, if you book a porn star escort you’re paying a premium for someone who is extremely experienced and someone that is famous. Sometimes in life, it's worth paying extra to get what you want.

Hiring a porn escort is a great way to book an escort including the pornstar experience. If you’re looking to meet a beautiful companion and want the PSE, then you need to hire a pornstar escort. You’ll have an encounter unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

If you’re wondering why you should hire a pornstar as an escort, here are a few reasons:

You get to fulfill your fantasies: If you asked 100 men whether or not they have had dreams or fantasized about spending time with a pornstar, 99 would probably admit they did. Both men and women have developed into very sexual beings and today human sexuality is unlike it ever has been before.

By hiring an adult star as an escort, you get to fulfill this fantasy you’ve always had. Whatever you’ve dreamt or fantasized about you can do. It’s the complete escort experience with your favorite porn star that you’ve surely thought about before.

It’s a more private experience: Pornstars are notoriously strict about whom they accept as clients. Not only are clients generally screened more thoroughly, but also many potential clients are interviewed by an associate of the pornstar. This prevents crazed fans or potential dangerous individuals from spending the night with the pornstar.

While it many be more difficult to hire a pornstar as a companion if you are able to do so, you are in for a much more intimate, exclusive experience. A pornstar knows better than most girls how to satisfy a man so hiring an adult actress as an escort will bring you a more pleasurable, enjoyable evening with a girl who is going to make sure you have the full experience you desire.

Many men fantasize about the true pornstar experience. That is they want a girl who can act and look like a pornstar. Unfortunately for most escorts, they cannot provide this service, as most performers are not pornstars.

Pornstars are the only providers capable of delivering the authentic adult film star experience.  You wouldn't ask an adult film star to provide you with a girlfriend experience, so why would you ask a regular provider to pretend they are a porn celebrity?

While this “pornstar” experience will remain a fantasy for many, you could try to hire an adult celeb as your escorts porn. There’s no guarantee that you'll have any luck but isn't it worth taking your shot? Some people live their dreams, why not you?