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“Grace to be born and live as variously as possible.”

Summer Lee, a brief tableau…

Hair that catches the sun and ignites in brilliant shades of gold and platinum; wide blue eyes; bountiful curves rising from a svelte and toned figure; pillowy soft lips, whispering your name…

Though I posess a classical kind of beauty, I am anything but conventional. In the words of Walt Whitman, “I contain multitudes.” So by way of introduction, I present you several qualities of potential interest. I am…

-A gifted conversationalist and attentive listener

-A lady on the town—stylish and effervescent—privately, a bit wilder;)

-A bonafide intellectual possessing an indexical knowledge of poets of the 21st century, a fascination for time travel and outer space, and an appetite for adventure in all its permutations…

-A small town gal with big dreams, currently pursuing an advanced degree in something esoteric and creative

-A co-creator of truly remarkable encounters

But before anything, I am genuine. I simply don’t know how to put on airs; my quirky sensibility always wins. Genuine laugher, genuine connection: these are always guaranteed; the rest depends on our singular chemistry…

Which brings me to you. Though I haven’t yet had the privilege of knowing you, I am guessing you are accomplished in your life and career; well respected and well mannered; your days full, your experience much sought after. But here I am only scratching the surface; in fact, you also contain multitudes: a mystery I can’t wait to discover. This is one reason I so enjoy longer dates, which allow time to truly get to know one another, let those sparks of intrigue grow into dazzling fruition.

Will we sip oysters by the Hudson River? Stroll arm in arm down cobbled, rabbit warren streets? Will we touch down on destinations yet unknown, hazy in the purple dawn, where everything is unformed, sparkling and uncertain…

What alchemy will transpire from the mingling of our souls—well, what do you say?

Let’s find out.

The Look

Summer Lee June is a 5'8", slender, all natural, 27 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Mornings when I wake before the rest of the world, and drink too much coffee, and everything is hazy and undefined

Nights so clear you can see the milky way, so clear you could nearly drink it, every last drop

The noise of a busy restaurant—how it creates a cozy blanket of anonymity, under which you may travel, observing the night’s dizzy choreography

The embrace of a satin corset & the softness of fine lace

The point in the hike where I climb above the tree line, and can feel the vastness of the wilderness all around me: stoic wildflowers blooming among the rocks and sharp weeds, silence except the sound of wind. (I don’t think I fully understood the magic of this earth, until I’d come to such a place.)

Sleepy midwestern cities covered in snow


I encourage you to visit for details on etiquette, patronage, and so much more. You can even read my innermost thoughts on my blog;)

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