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The quintessence of femininity is a sensuality drawn between breaths, crescendoing steadily into the night where a silent quiver resounds in the echoes of memory.

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Having traversed exotic realms of the Far East and the cultured refinements of the Old World, I now find myself amid the grandeur of New York. Possessed of this Oriental silhouette accented by a European heritage, the subtleties of my presence promises to guide the discerning gentleman to a perfection hidden behind raven locks and residing upon rose-petal lips.

I offer a bespoke experiences that joins the sensibilities of an authentic connection with the rawness befitting of a escapade through the nighttime shadows. My learnings have endowed me with a demeanor held in the balance of desirous pursuits and sophistication. In his preferred setting, I strive to give this discerning gentleman a taste of the beauty which is my possession.

The Look

Giselle Valais is a 5'9", slender, all natural, 25 year old caucasian / asian woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


The inception of pleasures travel many roads, and it is said that all roads lead to Rome. We may be neighbors or hailed from distant lands, but it is a desirous language which binds us together. This confluence of minds and bodies is best held in silence. To live this language together for a moment is the true tenor of romance.

I invite this true gentleman to experience this in me, for he who dares to align the arrow to the bowstring will also come to know its exaltation.

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