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For the Moon never Beams without bringing me Dreams -Edgar Allen Poe

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Mila Dreams is a 5'2", curvy, all natural, 30 year old caucasian / latina / native american woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

My spark and wanderlust for life allows me to discover love and beauty every where I go. I am a lover, dreamer, shaker and maker of all things Cosmic and Mystical.

I am present when with you, always listening to the beat and the pulse. Allowing myself and our involvements to organically flow. Forever seeking genuine, quality connections and providing only authentic experiences. My bohemian attributes might come off whimsical, eclectic and New Age, all which are polished. My allure comes in many forms, which makes me as charming as a chameleon. Born and raised California girl, I spent most my days on the beach and am most comfortable when I am near water. Innately, my style can be avant-garde, romantic and effortless.


My leisure pursuits are cultured and I am well versed and educated in many different backgrounds. I am a seeker and have a sundry of interests, always following my inspirations to their fullest. My consistency and devotion to my yoga and meditation has created a grounded and nurturing place to grow within. Self-care and self exploration is extremely important to me and is where I have learned a great deal about the body & mind connection. My passion and curiosity for life has led me here to this magical place. I hope our stars align soon.


I treat my body like a temple. Constantly nourishing myself through yoga and meditation as well as putting in healthy food and thoughts. I ask that you are clean when you arrive to a session as I will be glowing for you. I am here to be a companion to you while we are together, when the session ends, our work together is done but your personal journey continues.




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