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Danielle Dubois

+Are you ready to experience the whims of a real good woman?

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The Gentlemans’ choice for improving his day. Treat yourself to being treated like a king. Allow me to be your personal, unyielding, well of refreshment. I’ll take you to the edge of amazing and back.

Gentleman… Make no mistake, I am exactly what you are looking for: The very epitome of versatile and alluring. An exotic mix of Caribbean flair and Southern Charm, and naturally busty and insanely curvy, and I am the absolute last word in pleasing personalities. Open, warm, inviting, intuitive, yet hedonistic and always gladly your go-to for a leisurely retreat when you’re stressed, lacking your due appreciation in other areas of your life, or seeking that connection to fulfill an aching need for sincere transcendence… I want to do whatever it is you want to do… I am an absolute chameleon— melding seamlessly into any scene and situation, and am the perfect companion for any occasion. I am tremendously familiar with the artistry involved in making a man happy has been my forte for And I absolutely love it! Believe me, it more than shows. I do not rely on my looks and assets to lure you, then leave you rushed and wanting. There is never any urgency to leave my side, and believe me, you’ll never want to. And I have the reviews to prove it. I am glad to see anyone— I am very newbie, couple, and elderly gentleman friendly.

Come see me for:



*400/2 hrs

*550/3 hrs

*Reasonable bartering and gifts also acceptable (examples listed on my website) to make things easier for you— let’s talk!

TER ID number: 44821

The Look

Danielle Dubois is a 5'7", curvy, 37 year old caucasian / ebony / latina woman with medium length black hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I have hobbies like singing and music in general, writing, theatrical makeup, cooking/barbequing, reading non-fiction books, alternative or natural medicines and therapies, painting, gardening, cultural events, debate, exotic pets, photography, movies, costumery, conspiracy diving, biology, boxing, jewelry making, hiking, animal husbandry, archery, ghost hunting, woodcarving and burning, volunteering, theology, dining out, antiquing, home repair and “do-it-yourself” projects, travelling/road trips, making mead, beauty hair/makeup— and so much more than I could even bother to list. Really, I could go on, but I don’t imagine I could possibly name something that you’d be surprised about, at this point.

  • Good hygiene
  • Proper communication
  • Basic respect (with understanding to any kink situation possibly being contrary)
  • Proper monetary ammends if sessions run longer than is courteously excusable
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