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+You’ll encounter an alluring lady…

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Erykah is a 5'9", all natural black woman with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.

Erykah is my name.

Come into my fairy tale. You’ll encounter an alluring lady who will seduce you into realms of fantasy. I’m cinnamon and silk, mocha and magic. I’m supple and svelte with flowing black hair and legs made for dancing. My hands are as gentle as they are strong, and my eyes are all mischief.

Am I beautiful, witty, sophisticated? Of course. Am I brainy, funny, sweet? Have no doubt. Are you one of the elite with whom I’ll share my secrets and my charms? I’m waiting to find out!

Mysterious I may be, and exotic I surely am. All the better to help you shed your inhibitions and experience new peaks of ecstasy. I’ll enchant you, charm you, disarm you - yet no sphinx or sibyl was ever more discreet. The pleasures of our rendezvous will be ours and ours alone.

Every time I spin my fantasies, they turn out a little differently. But every fairy tale has an exquisite lady, a worthy gentleman, and a happily ever after. Maybe you’ll levitate. Maybe you’ll just smile.

Once upon a time…

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