But just how selective should you be about new clients?

Ultimately, only you can answer this one for yourself. But here are some ideas to mull over if you're unsure.

Lots of new clients will ask you if you are "D&D Free," which stands for drug and disease free. If they base their decisions on such factors, so can you. If you are unwilling to see someone who is a drug user or who has an STD, there is nothing wrong with that and you have every right to refuse to see someone who falls into these categories.

I've noticed a trend among independent escorts when it comes to age requirements for clients as well, which is probably worth considering. Many mature escort ladies in the business refuse to see gentlemen under a certain age, usually preferring to see men who are at least 35 or somewhere in that neighborhood.

In my own experience, most of the clients I have seen happened to be in that age range already without me needing to specify. I've had clients in their twenties as well, though it's much less common.

The age requirements are understandable though, as I can see the advantages. The idea would be to avoid guys who are just playing games or not serious about seeing you, as well as any of the drama that can come with younger men who get a little carried away once they find a girl who they enjoy spending time with.

Some VIP escorts have even gone as far as honing in on a specific male demographic group and specialize in working with them somewhat exclusively. For example, this article shares some rather fascinating details about how escorts are catering to the geeky and techie crowds in Silicon Valley, where they are most prevalent.

At the end of the day, my advice is to see only the clients who you most want to see. Of course this is a luxury afforded to more seasoned escorts, but ultimately just remember that you're the one running the show and it's up to you how selective you want to be when it comes to new clients.